Bedroom DJs get ready to share their music at new event

A bedroom DJ is urging shy enthusiasts to ditch the duvet and perform to an encouraging audience.
Steven Nicholson-Wrigley and Jon Back from Twin Lakes Velo CafeSteven Nicholson-Wrigley and Jon Back from Twin Lakes Velo Cafe
Steven Nicholson-Wrigley and Jon Back from Twin Lakes Velo Cafe

Steven Nicholson-Wrigley, from Croston, believes there is a growing online community of people who, like himself, own turntables, mixers and other DJ equipment and are known as ‘Bedroom DJ’s’ as they are confined to their bedroom, garage or shed. So to coax people away from their comfort zone, the 30-year-old is staging an event that will give fellow amateur music mixers the opportunity to perform in public for the first time.The Croston Bedroom DJs event will take place at Twin Lakes Velo Cafe, in Croston, on Sunday October 23 at 5pm.Steven, who is an advertising account manager by profession, said: “I have a passion for music but don’t routinely play live to audiences. “Like other bedroom DJs I play for friends at home or pod cast on the internet. “By arranging a small gig it remains a hobby but also gives the audience an intimate experience. “I’m hoping to attract some more like-minded performers who want to share the music they love and craft their skills.”A Facebook group - Croston Bedroom DJs - has been set up and welcomes members from Croston and the surrounding areas who want to chat about music and share their work. At the first live event, the decks will be handed over to four DJs for up to thirty minutes each. Two of the slots are already filled and other budding performers are invited to get in touch with Steven.For the launch event Steven has formed an alliance with Twin Lakes Velo Cafe that is opening their bar especially for the gig. Steven added: “The cafe by the lake is perfect for a laid back Sunday afternoon social. Future plans include live streaming the events and pod casts.”Jon Back from the Velo Cafe said: “This event is a great platform to showcase local talent and something completely different for Croston. We’re hoping to reveal some of the village’s best-kept music scene secrets.”Aspiring DJs can contact Steven via the Croston Bedroom DJs Facebook page.

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