Baseball caps now part of new Lancashire Police uniform

Traditional bobby on the beat police helmets are to become a thing of the past as new uniforms are rolled out across the county.
The new baseball cap style police hatThe new baseball cap style police hat
The new baseball cap style police hat

From now on, police officers in Lancashire and in other parts of the country will wear baseball caps instead of helmets and flat hats, provoking strong reactions on social media.

In response to Morecambe Area Police’s announcement that baseball caps would become the new norm for police officers, many people said the headgear “lacked authority” and was “a bit unprofessional” for formal duties.

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Lee Hayes said: “I’m not too pleased about it. It’s far, far too casual. You need to express a demeanour of authority.

The traditional police helmet will be replacedThe traditional police helmet will be replaced
The traditional police helmet will be replaced

“This does not do it at all. Sort it out and revert back to the way you take pride in yourselves as PCs.”

While Rebecca Connelly said: “I think the caps will not show a professional image. I wouldn’t wear a cap to an interview or work, but a smart beret would be more appropriate or flat cap (such as the one you are retiring) is more suited.”

Liam J Hughes said: “Baseball cap good for a more hands on tactical job but I think the hat is definitely the one to keep for beat and general look as it gives off a certain authority. Not your fault tho (sic) it’s another government idea to save more money...”

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A spokesman for Lancashire Police said: “The baseball cap is part of an updated and more practical police uniform being issued to all officers. This includes a new soft shell black jacket, black body armour, lightweight high-vis jacket and new black shirts.

Police officerPolice officer
Police officer

“This will see us move away from the traditional custodian helmets and flat hats issued to all male officers and bowler hats for female officers.

Baseball caps will become the standard head wear for all operational officers. They have a level of protection built in, much like a cycle helmet, and are a practical option to protect our officers whilst undertaking the modern and complex demands placed upon them. Whilst such a move away from tradition will inevitably invoke mixed reactions we have worked hard to provide what we believe is the best operational kit whilst realising significant financial savings year on year.

“We will maintain a small stock of traditional headwear for men and women for ceremonial purposes.‎”