Author strikes gold with debut teenage novel

A first-time author from Buckshaw Village is to have her debut novel published and has already signed a book deal promising two more.

When her youngest, Jemima, six, started school Alice Broadway decided it was now or never and she sat down to try her hand at writing a book.

A year later the 36-year-old mother of three was looking at the manuscript for Ink.

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After sending her work of fiction of to multiple literary agents Alice signed a contract with children’s book publisher, Scholastic to have it published and committed to writing two more.

Ink is set to come out in shops on Thursday, February 2 and Alice says it still barely feels real.

“It still feels like a dream,” she said.

“I had not written a novel before, it was my first time to give it a go.

“I wanted to be an author when I was little but you get told that that’s not going to happen.

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“I feel extremely lucky, it’s amazing to be able to do the job that you dream of doing.

“I’m looking forward to going into a bookshop and seeing my book there.”

Aimed at teenagers, Ink is about a world where the characters have all their significant events in life tattooed onto their skin.

The story is centred around Leora, who when her father dies, discovers something unexpected.

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Alice said: “It’s about identity, faith, friendship and about trying to find out who you are when you’re a teenager.”

Bookworms will be able to find Ink in independent bookshop ebb & flo in Gillibrand Street, Chorley, online and at Waterstones and WHSmith outlets on its release.

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