Auditions for Bill Sykes’ sidekick Bullseye for Preston Musical Comedy Society production of Oliver!

A tough hound with presence, character, and one that is not going to run away into the wings with stage fright.

By Megan Titley
Wednesday, 3rd April 2019, 12:16 pm
Updated Wednesday, 3rd April 2019, 12:29 pm
Auditions to find Bullseye for Preston production of Oliver!
Auditions to find Bullseye for Preston production of Oliver!

That is the call out for auditions for a dog to fit the bill to play Bullseye, Bill Sykes’ sidekick, for a production of Oliver! in Preston.

Preston Musical Comedy Society is on the hunt for the canine star of the family musical which takes to the stage of the Preston Guildhall’s Charter Theatre in May.

Associate director Mark Howard said: “The part is mostly spent on the lead with Bill. They will also get taken around the stage but we want a dog to move around the set with Bill and look a bit tough.

“Bullseye in Oliver is a Bull Terrier but there are other dogs out there that are just as good. He’d only be in act two which is good.

“There may be the odd bit where we can run around the stage but getting a dog on the stage and putting them in front of an audience are two different things.

“It’s got to look tough, sit there and be dragged about with Bill.

“It needs to be comfortable with people and loud crowds chanting, singing and with an orchestra.

“We can’t have a shy dog or dogs that are going to run back into the wings.

“We need a dog with presence, a bit of character. Hopefully one that will allow us to draw the bull’s-eye around its eye as well with make-up.”

Bill Sykes, one of the nastiest characters in musical history, is renowned for his pet pooch Bullseye who he takes everywhere and is just as rough and tough as his master.

The Society is holding auditions this weekend and is looking for dog owners to bring their pets down. Bullseye is traditionally an English Bull Terrier but the group is open to any breed which would compliment Bill’s tough man character.

Dogs would need to be calm, controlled, happy to be onstage with a mass of people and able to follow simple commands.

The Society is inviting potential Bullseyes to go to Harris Primary School in Wychnor, Fulwood Sunday, April 7 at 3pm to meet Bill Sykes and the cast.

Rehearsals are Mondays and Thursdays and dog owners would need to be able to bring the successful dog to the show each evening.

Preston Musical Comedy Society’s production of Oliver! takes place at the Charter Theatre from May 8 – 11.

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