All the memories come flooding back

Leyland town centre looked almost unrecognisable submerged under water almost 30 years ago.

By The Newsroom
Friday, 28th April 2017, 2:19 pm
Updated Tuesday, 9th May 2017, 8:21 pm
Flooding in Leyland August 1987
Flooding in Leyland August 1987

Reader Joanne Wilson posted this photograph of Chapel Brow by the roundabout which was flooded due to rain water in August 1987 on Leyland Memories Facebook group.

David Baxter commented: “I remember that day, massive thunderstorm.”

Hil Brown added: “It was terrible. We were ringing the bells for a wedding at St Andrew’s Church, followed by three hours ringing.

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“The storm and rain started during the wedding and the floods went by the time we’d finished the peal.

“We wondered what all the fuss had been until we saw the pictures in the paper.”

Sarah Green pointed out: “That’s my grandad’s curtain shop. I’m sure this was the first of two big floods until they repaired the drains.”

Jean Jackson remembered: “All the pictures and frames from the photo shop were floating round the roundabout.”

Joyce Lucas recalled: “It was August 22, 1987 – the day my daughter got married. It was horrendous.”

Bob Jolly posted: “Lads were jumping off the bus stop on Chapel Brow and sweeping the water out of Leyland Glass.”

Maria Green added: “We canoed down Western Drive.” Alan Fisher said: “I remember that well. We all jumped of bus shelter into the water and swam across the road. It was great fun in them days.”

Lisa Chadwick wrote: “Very scary. I got to the roundabout and then we got turned away as the manholes were open and so they said there was electrical currents. I bricked it and went round St Ambrose Church way and swam through there. One day in my life I will never ever forget.”

Lauura Holding posted: “I also got flooded on Leyland Lane. I was pregnant with my eldest. We only had our house for seven months and it caused over £15,000 worth of damage.”