A decade without exercise

THOUSANDS of people in the North West have not taken part in regular exercise for over a decade.

Shockingly, over three quarters are also unaware of the recommended minimum amount of physical activity needed every week (at least 150 minutes) and are not keen to get active, British Heart Foundation research reveals.

The survey was commissioned by the nation’s heart charity to celebrate the launch of its 2016 event series, which offers over 60 events ranging from BHF organised events to third party events including cycling, running, swimming, walking, treks to overseas challenges.

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With recent headlines dominated by a looming UK obesity crisis, almost a fifth of North West adults openly admit to not exercising and in the past year close to half (43 per cent) have not run at all.

Over half also believe a minimum of 20 minutes exercise, such as brisk walking, at least three times a week will suffice for their exercise requirement.

Unsurprisingly there is a long list of excuses for not getting active. Almost one fifth admit to finding exercise boring and over a quarter blame bad weather.

Time proved to be another obstacle with 29 per cent stating they do not have enough time to exercise but sheer laziness came out on top with almost a third honestly admitting this is the reason they do not exercise.