5 essential maintenance tips to get your home ready for winter

There’s a brisker breeze in the air as the days are getting shorter and autumn is officially here. It’s a time when animals are preparing themselves for hibernation and there are things a home owner can do to prepare their abode for winter as well.

1. Prepare to get cosyNothing quite improves a cold, wintry evening as a warm and roaring fireplace. Ensure your chimney and flue are in good shape by having an inspection now. Chances are the availability and fees will increase as it gets chillier so try to book one in early. Also, have a quick review of your extinguishers and smoke detectors to establish they are in proper working order.

2. A garden checkIf you have taps in the garden it’s useful to make sure it is turned off fully and any external pipes have insulation to prevent freezing. It’s also advantageous to put away any outdoor hoses to protect from the cold. Outdoor furniture which isn’t winter friendly should be given a good clean and stored appropriately. This way you’re ready to bring it back out when it’s warm enough to enjoy your morning tea in the garden again.

3. Turn on the heatBefore it gets too chilly it’s useful to turn on the heating and check it is working. This way you can book any boiler or heating system repairs before it’s really necessary.

4. Clear the guttersWe all know autumn brings a beautiful blanket of leaves on the ground, but we also know it can end up in the gutters. When rainwater gets trapped in blocked gutters it runs down house walls instead, soaking into brick or exterior which can cause damage if the rainwater then freezes and thaws. Take some time to clean the blockage once or twice this autumn and keep the exterior of the house protected for long term damage.

5. Up the wattageSummer evening sunshine makes exterior lighting redundant, but as the evenings get darker it’s nice to have some light to come home to. Exterior lighting can also keep your loved ones safe as it makes your home less vulnerable to burglary.

About the author: Jaime Close is Head of Marketing for Property Detective, a site where you can check the local facts about an area around a property.