10 cheap family hacks for fun in the sun

With the summer holidays just a week away penny-saving mums are compiling their top tips to help families save their cash on days out.

By The Newsroom
Thursday, 12th July 2018, 11:56 am
Updated Monday, 16th July 2018, 5:10 pm
Venture out for a homemade picnic
Venture out for a homemade picnic

Lots of parents are busy planning how to fill six whole weeks with things to do and with the heat wave set to last a bit longer, there's nothing better than heading outdoors s for some al fresco fun.

But it’s easy to overspend as plans start to be made, so to protect your piggy bank bear in mind a few easy hacks from penny saving guru and mum of three Kayleigh Hughes at PromotionalCodes.org.uk. Making ice lollies with squash, taking strolls around the local park and using old washing up liquid bottles for water fights are just a few ways to save money whilst having a good time.

Kayleigh Hughes at PromotionalCodes.org.uk says: “During a spell of hot weather it’s no wonder everyone wants to be outside enjoying the sun and fresh air to the full with their loved ones.

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Water fights in the garden can be lots of fun

“With kids to feed and entertain, parents will often worry that sunny days will leave them out of pocket as BBQ food and days out can be expensive.

“But there’s plenty of fun things to do that don’t involve a hefty price tag so families can have a happy day in the heat without breaking the bank.”

1. Go for a walk

Taking a stroll in your local park with family and friends is a great way to spend time together and enjoy the weather. Take any leftover stale bread to feed the ducks, kids will love sharing it out amongst the birds.

Take a trip to Lytham front to watch the picture postcard sunsets

2. Skim stones

Skimming stones is great fun if you can find a body of water such as a pond or lake. Look for the flattest stone and skim it to see how many times the stone will bounce across the water. The person with the most bounces wins.

3. Take a picnic

Use food from home to make a picnic before heading out for the day - sandwiches, salads and bottles of squash will fill everyone up and keep little ones hydrated. If you don’t have a picnic blanket, use bed sheets and a piece of tarp to protect clothes from any dew on the grass.

Make the most of your fruits and enjoy making your own ice lollies

4. Make your own ice lollies

Lolly moulds are easy to find and cost as little as £1. Use water, cordial and any fruit you have in the house for fun, cheap, healthy ice lollies.

5. Don’t impulse buy

If you want to buy something for the garden such as a paddling pool, football, swing ball or badminton set then don’t buy the first thing you see. Check online for good prices and pick yourself up a bargain, you can pick up an inflatable water slide and activity set for as little as £19.99 in some retailers.

Brock Bottoms is great for an adventure and for skimming stones!

6. Make a den for shade

To create shade in your garden use tents, tables and umbrellas to make a fun garden den. Two dining chairs and a king size duvet cover will make a great cover for shade and kids will love hanging out under it.

7. Watch the sunset

Find a spot outside and watch the sunset, it’s a free and easy way to enjoy nature’s beauty. Don’t forget to bring along a blanket to sit on and extra clothing in case the temperature drops suddenly – you won’t want a chilly walk home.

8. Water fight

Nothing beats a good water fight on a hot day and it’s a fun way of keeping everyone cool.

Instead of forking out for water guns, use empty washing up liquid bottles as they have the squeeze factor. Make sure bottles are thoroughly cleaned out before filling with water and blasting your friends.

9. Make a homemade slip n slide

A piece of tarp, water and washing up liquid make a fun slippery slide – make sure you keep the tarp wet with a constantly running hose pipe and ensure washing up liquid is topped up regularly to keep it slippery and to stop friction.

10. Outdoor slumber party

As the weather cools in the evening it’s nice to make the most of the outdoors, so gather all the cushions in the house to make a giant comfy square on the floor in the garden. Add bed sheets over the top to keep them together and add extra comfort. Use a torch in a pint glass to create a light and take it in turns telling stories and playing board games.