Vuse makes waves as the first global carbon neutral vape brand

BAT’s Vuse celebrates its position as the first global carbon neutral vape brand with a carbon neutral summer voyage down the Thames in London, home of BAT’s global headquarters.

The event underscores Vuse’s commitment to carbon neutralityand its various supporting initiatives. For instance, in utilising substantial sea freight as part of its global supply chain, the aim is to move the majority of Vuse’s global shipments by sea freight by the end of next year.

Kingsley Wheaton, Chief Marketing Officer at BAT, said: “I am proud of the way that Vuse is playing its part in delivering ABetter Tomorrow by reducing its impact on the environment.

“Vuse is a leading global brand with ever-increasing scale, which allows us to drive global supply chain efficiencies and effectiveness.  I am delighted that, in Vuse, we are demonstrating the kind of purposeful behaviour expected from leading brands of the world.  This commitment will play a part in our vision of A Better Tomorrow becoming a reality.”