These stunning pictures will make you do a double-take, but show wintery masterpieces a makeup artist has created – on her face.

Romanie-Jade Tulloch, a 22-year-old makeup artist (@cakefacerj) from Nottinghamshire, has created the series of winter-inspired art features using her face as the canvas.

Each creation took a day to design, with a further 10-and-a-half hours spent bringing the two looks to life.

For the Cosy Evening Fire look, RJ completed the design with a miniature poker to add to the illusion, while the Festive Spiced Latte look is a contemporary take on the seasonal beverage.

RJ drew inspiration for her designs using the latest AW20 colour trends, inspired by Samsung’s new Galaxy S20 FE which comes in out-of-this-world Cloud Orange, Cloud Red and Cloud White.

The autumnal imagery was also captured on her Samsung Galaxy S20 FE device, which she also used to shoot a time-lapse video of the creations.

Full-time online content creator RJ said: “I started getting into make-up from a young age, I loved watching my mum put her make-up on.

“I loved doing my make-up and I loved art, combining the two was almost instant because I always viewed make-up application like drawing on your face.

“It definitely started off small, doing a few creative eye make-up looks, and it just turned into full make-up illusion and I love it. I saw a gap in the make-up industry.

“At the time, everyone was doing your usual eye make-up looks, and there were a couple of illusion artists and those who did cosplay and skulls for Halloween.

“But no one was drawing at random on their face or using it to create illusions with props or using eyeshadow to create art on their face, so I wanted to try something new that would be unusual and make people look twice.

“I spent a day trying to design and execute the designs. I wanted them to really grab attention and give off cosy winter vibes at the same time, while celebrating the things I love about winter such as cosy fires and festive spiced lattes.

“I was inspired by the vibrant colours of the new Samsung Galaxy S20 FE devices and mainly used a mixture of their autumn and winter colours for this – Cloud Red, Cloud White and Cloud Orange.”

Despite spending six hours on her Festive Spiced Latte illusion and four-and-a-half hours on her Cosy Evening Fire, it takes a mere 15 minutes to wipe away the make-up – followed by a day of rigorous skincare to prevent any breakouts.

Every week RJ aims to complete around three different looks, including designing, filming and editing time.

She also enjoys trialling new make-up products on friends and dolling up pals for special events with more traditional make-up looks.

And for any men looking to freshen up their face, RJ stresses the importance of primer to create a smooth base and help foundation apply flawlessly – to help navigate tricky stubble.

RJ added: “I’ve found make-up to be a true creative saviour for me whilst spending several weeks here in Nottingham during lockdown, and I hope these looks help to bring a smile to everyone too.”

RJ’s top tips for creating winter make-up illusions:

1. Ensure you have plenty of food and drink to hand. The looks take a little while to create, so it’s important to keep energy levels as high as possible

2. Make sure that you have the right equipment for filming, even if just a lamp. Lighting is key for illuminating the face

3. I prefer filming on a smartphone as easy to edit on one, you don’t even need a computer. I used a Samsung Galaxy S20 FE ( to shoot the looks as the triple lens camera is amazing quality. It also has a 32MP Selfie Camera on the front.