Dental implants: This North West dental practice can give you back your smile in a day

If you’re sick of dentures or struggling with your teeth this Preston dentist could give you back your smile and confidence.

You could have a full set of dental implants in just one day, thanks to the latest technology and skills used at this Preston practice.

We asked dentist Dr Hamza Sheikh, who took over the Camden Place Dental and Implant Centre 12 years ago, to tell us more about dental implants and why their ‘gold standard’ product is so good.

“We can extract the teeth that need to come out and fit the implants and give fixed teeth all in the same day, so you never need to be without teeth,” he said.

“Our dental implants range from the simple, such as replacing one single tooth, or doing a full set of teeth. And we believe we cannot be beaten on price or quality of the end result.”

Natural-looking teeth

Those that have experience with dentures will know the torture of keeping them in place, having them rub on the gums and inside the mouth and the worry of not being able to eat some of the foods people love.

With implant-supported teeth, not only will you have a natural-looking smile that is aesthetically pleasing, but they’ll be strong enough to bite into that apple or chew on that steak without any worries.

Who has implants?

Patients at the practice are of all ages and have a wide variety of reasons to consider implants.

Some people lose teeth through decay or gum disease and want to replace them with something long-lasting, which not only feels and looks like the rest of their teeth, but behaves like them too.

Other people may just be fed up of dentures or have multiple teeth that are decayed or are affected by gum disease. Dr Sheikh said he has seen people in their 80s, who have had their teeth out decades ago but come to him for implants for fixed teeth. “These implant treatment options are so versatile,” he said.

Implants are possible for everyone, whether it is someone who has a terminal set of teeth, someone with a gap who has lost a tooth, or someone who has had full dentures.

Dr Sheikh

Do I need implants?

You might not know whether you need to replace your existing teeth with implants, and this is where Dr Sheikh and the team can help.

“We still like saving teeth,” he said. “At the end of the day, it may not be the treatment they need as the teeth may be restorable. But our initial 30-minute consultation is absolutely free so it will cost nothing to let us take a look and give you our expert advice.”


“The whole team is geared around dental implants. Dr Sheikh, who also runs another dental practice, has been in the industry for 16 years.

“We are a dental practice that is passionate about our work,” he said. “Over the years we have treated hundreds of patients and fitted thousands of implants and fine-tuned our skills.”

If you are phobic or anxious about dental treatment, dental sedation is available to make the surgical treatment free of anxiety – and everything is included in the price for full arch implant teeth.



Price less than you’d think

With this special promotion, prices start from £12,000 per jaw and that would include full removal of teeth (if needed), sedation for the surgery, placement of four implants on the day, fitting of temporary teeth on the same day and then a final ceramic bridge of 12-teeth four months later once the healing process is complete.

Everything is done in-house at this high-tech practice. Dr Sheikh said the first initial assessment of 30 minutes includes an examination and an X-ray to determine what needs doing and the best course of treatment and this is absolutely free.

If implants are needed, then the date is set and the majority of the treatment s completed on the same day. You will walk out with a full set of teeth on that same day! 

Get in touch

The practice is at 6 Camden Place, off Winckley Square, Preston, PR1 3JL. Call 01772 368057 to make an appointment or discuss implants take a look at the website here

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