Travellers applauded after six-day camp on a Preston park

Travellers have been praised for being "thoughtful, considerate and tidy" after a six day stay on a public park in Preston.

By Brian Ellis
Friday, 7th May 2021, 3:45 pm

The group, who set up camp on Longsands Village Green in Fulwood last week, left the site spotless when they departed, prompting one local resident to say: "We couldn't fault them."

Linda Whyborn added: "Travellers are always being criticised, so it's only right we give them credit where it's due."

Linda, whose home overlooks the green, said half a dozen caravans turned up one day and parked on a football pitch used by a local junior team.

The travellers were perfect neighbours during six days on a public park.

"They said they would only be staying for six days and that's exactly what they did," she said.

"But as soon as they realised it was a kids' pitch they moved their vehicles and vans to the other side of the green. I thought that was really thoughtful and considerate.

"They were no trouble during the time they were there and, before they left, they bagged up all their rubbish and cleaned up the site.

"You hear of instances where travellers cause damage, leave litter and are generally a nuisance. But not these people.

"There was one tyre mark where a vehicle had got stuck in some mud. But apart from that you wouldn't have known they'd been here."