This is how you can get 62 days off using only 26 days of annual leave

Next year, people could get a staggering 62 days off work by using just 26 days of annual leave.

Throughout the year, bank holidays, historic milestones, Easter and Christmas provide those extra days that can allow you to take maximum time off with minimum annual leave.

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Here we take a look at how to maximise your annual leave in 2022.


In 2022, Monday 3 January is a bank holiday, meaning if you can book the rest of the week off, the 4th- 7th, you will get nine days off in a row.


Although February and March have no leeway for strategic booking, April does.

In this month, you can take eight days of annual leave to get 16 days off.

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Taking four days off before the Good Friday bank holiday, from 11th-14th April and the week after the Easter bank holiday, 19-22nd, you will get 16 consecutive days off (9-24 April) for the price of 8 annual leave days.


May 2 is another bank holiday so by taking the next four days off, you get another nine days off work.


In June 2022, the historic milestone of the Queen' s Platinum Jubilee means that Thursday 2 June and Friday 3 June are bank holidays. By taking the three days prior off, 30th May - 1st June, you'll have nine consecutive days off.


The bank holiday on 29 August allows you to take another nine days off for the price of four, by taking the week 30th August - 2nd September.

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December is the festive period, and by using three annual leave days you can take 10 days off over the festive week.

As Christmas falls on a Sunday, the bank holidays are on Monday 26 December and Tuesday 27 December. By booking 28-30 December off you can get 10 days off consecutive (24 December - 2nd January 2023).

All this adds up to 62 days off, by using 26 days of annual leave.

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