Master gymnastics dangling in the air

For anyone who has fostered a childhood dream to perform acrobatic tricks on an aerial hoop, the time has come.

Picture credit: Scrumptious Photography
Picture credit: Scrumptious Photography

A pole fitness studio in Chorley is introducing aerial hoop classes and will soon add aerial silk exercise sessions to its repertoire.

Helen Finch, of Chorley Pole Fitness Studios in Crosse Hall Street, said: We have a range of students who come to classes, all shapes, all sizes, and ranging in ages from 18 to 60.

“We want to show people that it doesn’t matter if you’re what you might consider too old, too fat, too skinny or can’t lift your own body weight, aerial fitness can benefit and be fun and empowering for everyone.”

Picture credit: Scrumptious Photography

CPF Studios already holds regular pole fitness classes and participants have a chance to showcase their new skills at a possible performance in the summer.

Giving people an idea of what to expect when they first start Helen said: “New students can expect to learn simple spins on the poles, and tricks and poses on both pieces of equipment.

They’re not expected to be able to hold their own body weight or anything like that - it’s acommon misconceptionthat this is required tostart a pole fitness class.

They’ll be taught moves with at least three points of contact on the apparatus for the first few weeks at least.

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Some good examples are fireman spin, the pointed leg or martini spin which is the same as a fireman but with the back leg straight out in front, or the knee spin.

Once they’ve gained the strength and confidence then they’ll move on to more difficult moves and tricks.

The studio opened seven years ago, with just Michelle Jackson teaching at the time, offering pole fitness classes.

Classes were held in an upstairs room of a gym and expanded in 2015 into a purpose-built studio at Cowling Brow, just outside of the town centre.

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Now the studio has two instructors, Lennie Ecclesand Michelle, and is expanding again to offer a range of aerial hoop fitness classes launching in April and aerial silks in the summer.

Sessions are held on three nights a week, Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays, for pole and will be starting out one night a week for the hoop classes. Spaces are available for private tuition for both disciplines.

Classes are limited to 14 people per class.

CPF Studios will also have three fully trained instructors to help all levels of ability, plus an in-house sports therapist and beautician.

Picture credit: Scrumptious Photography

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