Expert Insight: Garden paving trends from 2023 and predictions for the upcoming season

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Capturing the essence of outdoor spaces with the right paving choice became a staple in 2023. Having observed these shifts firsthand, offers insights into the trend that has defined 2023 and what's poised to dominate in 2024. As we journey into the next season, which paving choices are anticipated to shape our gardens?

Kandla Grey Dominates 2023 revealed that Kandla Grey Paving was their standout bestseller in 2023. Bell from remarked, "The timeless grey hue coupled with its resilience resonated with homeowners, turning ordinary gardens into contemporary paradises."

Such paving choices can be found at various price points, ensuring homeowners don't have to break the bank for a touch of elegance.

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Rainbow paving is expected to flourish across gardens in 2024. Ohoto: Paving Shopper
CreditRainbow paving is expected to flourish across gardens in 2024. Ohoto: Paving Shopper
Rainbow paving is expected to flourish across gardens in 2024. Ohoto: Paving Shopper Credit

Eco-Friendly Paving Choices Gain Momentum

As we transition towards 2024, the paving industry is witnessing a discernible shift towards environmentally-friendly alternatives. A telling sign of this movement is the significant uptick in Google search volume and trending queries related to eco-friendly paving options. "The data suggests a burgeoning interest, and our own observations confirm the trend," asserts Bell from Paving Shopper. He elaborates, ". Bell anticipates, "The coming year seems to be more about aligning our outdoor choices with the planet's needs, ensuring that our patios not only look good but also do good." This environmentally conscious drive looks set to steer the trends for the upcoming year. People are seeking materials that prioritize water conservation, are sustainably sourced, and leave minimal environmental footprints."

The ethos of being eco-friendly, Bell emphasises, isn’t confined to interiors but extends seamlessly into our outdoor environments. Natural stone, particularly Indian sandstone paving, is emerging as a preferred choice. Renowned not just for its aesthetic richness, this stone is laudable for its eco-conscious extraction and processing. Sourced straight from the earth, these materials benefit from a low-toxicity extraction process, ensuring they harmonize with nature rather than disrupt it. Their inherent durability translates to longevity, meaning lesser wastage over time. And in the rare event they do wear out, their remnants are resourcefully repurposed. Another eco-champion is permeable concrete, celebrated for its unique ability to prevent water stagnation and consequent flooding, aligning with the current drive for sustainable solutions.

2024's Prediction: The Rise of Rainbow Indian Sandstone

Kandla Grey patios were a staple of 2023. Kandla Grey patios were a staple of 2023.
Kandla Grey patios were a staple of 2023.

While muted palettes have historically dominated garden aesthetics, 2024 seems set to usher in a brighter, more vibrant era. The Rainbow Indian Sandstone, not only remarkable for its kaleidoscopic array of colours but also its green credentials, is rapidly garnering homeowners' attention. Bell from points out a significant trend, "We've seen a staggering 400% uptick in demand for this paving. Its innate beauty, fused with an eco-sensitive approach to harvesting, positions it as an increasingly sought-after choice." Given the current momentum, Bell projects the sandstone's popularity to skyrocket by the summer 2024. With its sparkling quartzite surfaces and rich colour diversity, this sandstone offers homeowners a golden chance to infuse vibrancy into their spaces while championing environmental sustainability.

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