Take-away my Bake Away?

“Just close your eyes and point”.

By The Newsroom
Friday, 24th January 2014, 10:00 am
The Bake Away: Pie and peas
The Bake Away: Pie and peas

That was the friendly advice of one customer to an LEP reviewer struggling to choose from an array of home-baked cakes and savouries in Ribbleton’s The Bake Away, yesterday.

Whether this was because they had absolute confidence nothing on show would disappoint or were merely 
impatient to get served (he was behind us) might never be known.

As the brief owner of a steak mince and onion pie (with a mushy pea mountain and gravy), to die for yours truly would say the former.

Thick brown gravy, tender meat, threaded through with finely sliced onions, I’d happily eat one a day until my toes turned up. Which, given the scale of the meal, would be sometime later this year.

Battleships have been sunk by less. But does quantity always trump quality?

The chap with the hot beef bap, top, might say not: “It was filled, I mean filled, to overflowing, with slices of warmed beef, chips, gravy and onions – an epic sight that drew covetous glances from the queue.

“This was the type of meal you instantly know means you’ll be skipping tea. And it was a feast. The beef was tender, gravy rich, onions melting, the cob nice and fresh.

“But it quickly became apparent this would be a bind to finish. Perfect for soaking up the ale after a night out, but all wrong if you’re heading back to a stuffy air conditioned office.”

The portions are generous right across the vast menu in this popular lunchtime takeaway.

A sidekick’s club sandwich was a meal on its own without any need for one of the dozens of home-baked cakes to follow. A fine sandwich it is though cramming cheese and turkey on top of a BLT in a most filling light lunch and to be recommended.

As are the cakes which leave visitors spoiled for choice and none looking like they would disappoint.