Meal of two halves but veggie lost out

Cod’s Plaice104-106 Towngate, Leyland, PR25 2LR

By James Rogers
Sunday, 4th January 2015, 8:00 am
Cods Plaice
Cods Plaice

As a midweek treat we decided to try out Cod’s Plaice.

We decided to share the scallops (seven pieces, £1.99) and the onion rings (six pieces, £1.49). Both were good, with the scallops being nicely lightly battered.

My partner tried ‘exotic fishcake’ (£1.59) in a barm cake (£0.49) with tartar sauce (£0.39). The salmon was cooked well, with the dill not too overpowering.

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The tartar sauce was homemade and had good chunks of gherkin which complemented the mayonnaise-based dip. An enjoyable meal she washed down with a Pepsi (£0.99).

Unfortunately, I did not find mine so appetising.

Opting for the falafel wrap (£3.19) I found the falafel to be hard and bland in taste.

However, the garlic and sweet chilli jam sauce it was wrapped in with lettuce was okay. To accompany this I tried the veggie sausage (x2, each portion containing two sausages £1.98) again these weren’t to my palate, and tasted fatty.

The bill came to £12.11.

Star rating: 5/10