'Do we not leave that sort of tat to Blackpool?' Your views on new £40m cinema and leisure complex for Preston

News that a planning application has been submitted for a new £40million cinema and leisure complex has been met by a mixed response from readers.

By Adam Lord
Thursday, 2nd December 2021, 1:54 pm

Animate would be situated next to the Preston Markets, on the site of the old indoor market and car park at Earl Street/Tenterfield Street.

The proposal includes an eight-screen cinema, 16-lane bowling alley, competitive social unit, five family restaurants, a street food hub, public realm improvements, 164 space car park and a Changing Places’ facility and associated servicing arrangements.

If planning permission is granted, work could begin on site next summer.

How the new Animate complex would look

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Plans lodged for Preston's £40m cinema and leisure complex, Animate

Here’s some of your comments…

“Looks great! I wonder what people will find to moan about with this,” Paul Eyles-Rushe, Facebook

“Yuk, looks like it's been lifted from Las Vegas and dumped on the Ringway. Do we not leave that sort of tat to Blackpool?” Julian Andrews, Facebook

“Why are they putting 8 screen cinema when we have 2 already and why would you want more eating places I think more shop would be better and as for parking do away with bus lane cameras you may get more people into town so they can park,” Mark Livesey, Facebook

“Anyone asked Vue at The Capitol Centre and Odeon at The Docks how often they sell out of seats; How often is the bowling at Level sold out? A youth zone would have been a FAR better option for the people of Preston.” Dax Imus, Facebook

“They should've refurbed the market, it supported local traders which is what I thought Preston Council were all about. This is just another anonymous franchise facility,” Nicholas Hargreaves, Facebook

“How many times have we seen these artist impressions of what we 'could've won'?!....they never seem to come to anything,” Faye Atherton, Facebook

“Is it really needed? Is it for students benefit like most things going on in Preston?” Heather Simpson, Facebook

“£40 million they could build something better with that money,” Terry Mather, Facebook

“It will be good to have a cinema back in the city centre. For us, without a car, we would have to get 2 buses to the other 2. Not sure if we need any more food outlets though,” Janet Butterworth, Facebook.

“I've been going out around Preston since my early teens... 20+ years later the only real thing Preston has managed to change is the pavement... various grants, various projects constantly being advertised.. yet still nothing worthwhile….” Andy Lisa, Facebook

“I’m glad to see more development. But is the most exciting thing we can come up with aside from the cinema, a bowling alley?? We have two already - one’s about 200 metres away in the Guild Hall and basically brand new! Why couldn’t we instead think of something which Preston doesn’t have, that would really benefit people and give the city a fairly unique focal point for the area? Do a deal with Sports England for a 50m swimming pool alongside a state of the art modern sports and leisure complex, for example? Only an idea. But surely a bowling alley is the most basic go-to idea and a sad waste of an opportunity to do something really special,” David Lawson, Facebook

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