Counties clash over three course battlefield

The Freemasons at WiswellThe Freemasons at Wiswell
The Freemasons at Wiswell
The Freemasons at Wiswell is to host a historic battle between Lancashire and Yorkshire this June – and only one county will emerge victorious.

Now in its second year, The War of The Roses event at the popular food pub has evolved to feature four esteemed chefs, two from each region, teaming up to contest the title.

Guests will be treated to a six course meal, each chef cooking one course individually, before pairing up to do a joint course with their teammate.

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Score cards will be given out at the beginning of the evening on June 4, outlining each dish, with points for each course.

The Yorkshire team sees James Mackenzie of The Pipe & Glass Inn, recently seen on Saturday Kitchen, team up with Charlie Lakin from The Marquis at Alkham.

Respresenting Lancashire are Freemasons host Steven Smith and Paul Askew from Hope Street Hotel, who recently opened new restaurant The Art School.

Tickets for this much-anticipated evening are £60 or £90 with a wine package included.

Tables can be booked at or by calling 01254 822 218.