Cheese Matters- but which one depends on where you’re from

Tastes for cheese vary from region to region, reveals new research.

By Stephen Beech
Thursday, 17th December 2015, 1:06 pm

The survey suggests your favourite flavour of cheese may be determined by where you live.

The findings, from Waitrose, show the popularity of cheese differing widely from region to region.

The survey of 2,000 adults revealed Londoners favour a strong Stilton (11 per cent), the same as those from East Anglia (15 per cent), the North West (11 per cent), South West (12 per cent) and West Midlands (13 per cent).

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Those in the South East favour both Stilton (10 per cent) and Brie (10 per cent), while the Welsh are fans of Blue cheese (13 per cent).

Scots look across the channel preferring a French Brie (six per cent), while people in the North East (eight per cent) like to indulge in a Red Leicester.

But people in Northern Ireland buck the trend with a continental Mozzarella (12 per cent) topping their taste list.

However, traditionally parochial Yorkshire folk prefer a local slice of Wensleydale (11 per cent).

Cheddar remains, overall, the nation’s favourite cheese, gaining a third of the vote, followed by Stilton (10 per cent) and Brie (seven per cent).

The sharp, British cheese, which originates from Somerset, is now made all over the world. Made from cow’s milk, it was first made in the 12th Century and traditionally stored in caves in the West Country to help it mature.

In fact people in the East Midlands’ love of cheddar is so great 15 per cent of them would rather abstain from a cheese board altogether if cheddar was not available.

Waitrose cheese buyer Carla Smith said: “It’s great to see a traditional British cheese top the list.

“Sales of cheese increase at Waitrose by 60 per cent in the run up to Christmas, with traditional cheeses replaced for more exotic choices such as Epoisses and Cambozola, often to impress family and friends.”

She added: “This Christmas we have a fantastic Italian Gogonzola sharing cheese dish, which we suggest is served with a dash of Prosecco, which compliments the creamy soft cheese.”

Top Five Selling Cheeses at Waitrose:

1. Cheddar

2. Parmigiano Reggiano

3. Halloumi​

4. Feta

5. Mozzarella