Brits spend nearly 9 MILLION HOURS hitting the snooze button each morning, yet over three quarters want to make changes to their morning routine

Of the 70% of Brits who confess to hitting the snooze button, the average person snoozes their alarm for 20 minutes each morningOf the 70% of Brits who confess to hitting the snooze button, the average person snoozes their alarm for 20 minutes each morning
Of the 70% of Brits who confess to hitting the snooze button, the average person snoozes their alarm for 20 minutes each morning
Britain is a nation of snoozers, and new research has revealed we are getting WORSE at getting out of bed.

Brits now collectively spend nearly NINE MILLION HOURS snoozing their alarms each day – that’s a 51% increase in the last two years - according to the new data from Naked Smoothies.

Of the 70% of Brits who confess to hitting the snooze button, the average person snoozes their alarm for 20 minutes each morning, while less than a quarter (24%) of Brits describe themselves as ‘a morning person’, and under one in ten (9%) say they feel energised in the morning.

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The research, which was commissioned by Naked to mark the launch of its new breakfast smoothies, Naked Strawberry & Banana and Naked Pineapple & Passionfruit, revealed 76% of UK adults are looking to make changes to their current routines, particularly in the morning, with eating more healthily (35%) topping the list.

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Currently over a quarter (26%) of UK adults rely on tea and coffee to wake them up in the mornings, yet one in ten (10%) UK adults want to find an alternative to caffeine to give themselves a morning boost. Other ways Brits are looking to switch up their morning routines include working out more first thing (20%) and not skipping breakfast (15%).

Despite the desire to make changes, just 8% of UK adults have kept up new morning routines for longer than a year, with the average person slipping back into old habits after just three months.

Not having enough time (30%), being too busy (24%) and struggling to get out of bed once awake (23%) were revealed as the main barriers stopping morning activities becoming part of Brits’ everyday routine.

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Londoners find it the hardest to get up in the mornings, with residents snoozing their alarms for an average of 24 minutes a day - an extra four minutes longer than the average Brit.

In light of the findings, Naked Smoothies has partnered with wellness expert and bestselling author of ‘’Energize’’, Simon Alexander Ong, to help empower the nation to give their mornings a boost and get the best out of every day.

Simon Alexander Ong says, “There’s no doubt that mastering your morning routine can lead to a more productive day. By changing a few simple habits, you can easily transform your mornings. Whether it’s a small change such as moving your alarm clock away from your bed or picking up a Naked smoothie to ensure you’re drinking a variety of vitamins to kickstart the day, I’m hoping that with some of my simple morning hacks I can help the 76% of UK adults looking to make changes to their current routines master their mornings”.

Simon’s Five Simple Hacks to Master Your Mornings

Create friction between you and your alarm clock. Yes, you heard that right! Although it can be hard resisting the snooze button, getting up when the alarm goes off is a must when it comes to enjoying a stress-free morning and avoiding the morning rush. One tip is counting down steadily from five to one when your alarm goes off – and when you hit one, immediately get out of bed.

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Alternatively, you can opt to leave the alarm clock on the other side of the room. This means you have no choice but to get out of bed to turn it off, and once you are up and moving, it is less likely that you will go back to bed because body motion creates the energy required for you to naturally wake up.

Getting sufficient sleep is one of the most important things to master to make sure you feel refreshed and focused in the morning. One strategy for getting sufficient sleep is doing the 3-2-1 bedtime routine. 3 hours before bed, log off from all work-related activities and use this time to review the day and to plan the day ahead. 2 hours before bed, say no to any more eating and use this time to wind down and get yourself in the right frame of mind for bed. One hour before bed, remove digital devices out of the bedroom and use this time for relaxing activities such as reading, meditation or listening to calming music.

Make breakfast a priority and ensure you leave enough time to sit down and enjoy it before leaving the house. Taking a moment for yourself before the busy day ahead can help you feel more balanced and refreshed. Instead of relying on caffeine to wake you up alongside your breakfast, grab a colourful drink, like a Naked smoothie, for a morning boost – it’s packed with vitamins so counts as one of your five a day.

Move more! The more you move, the more energised you will feel. Trying to get some form of exercise in before starting the day, whether that be a workout, or a short ten-minute walk outside can help to give you a boost for the day ahead. Research shows that the nation is keen to incorporate more movement into their mornings, with one in five Brits saying they are looking to work out more first thing – but many turn over and go back to sleep. If you struggle to move first thing, one hack is to revisit the way you envisage your morning exercise. Workouts should become a non-negotiable part of your morning routine: just like how you can’t miss your morning commute, you shouldn’t miss out on morning movement. Some easy ways I fit it into my mornings include light stretches to loosen muscles or walking part of my commute.

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For those who have busy schedules, planning your day the night before can buy you more time in the mornings. From packing your work bag and preparing what you want for breakfast and lunch to choosing what you want to wear - doing this before bed can help save both time and energy and help to get the best start to your day.

Available in both 750ml (£3.75 RRP) and 300ml (£2.60 RRP) bottles, Naked Strawberry & Banana and Naked Pineapple & Passionfruit are best enjoyed chilled, straight from the fridge and are perfect for sharing around the breakfast table or for those with early morning schedules, as a tasty addition to a breakfast on-the-go.

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