A north west baker has “the perfect hangover cure” after creating a full English breakfast inside a pie

A master baker has gone the extra mile to provide “the perfect hangover cure” in time for the pubs reopening - by creating a full English breakfast inside a PIE.

Monday, 26th April 2021, 6:27 pm
Updated Monday, 26th April 2021, 6:30 pm

Shane Neild’s creation, crams sausage, bacon, egg black pudding, mushrooms, beans, tomato, cheese and a squirt of brown sauce inside a crust.

Dubbed a “northerners’ dream dish”, the pork-filled pastry provides the ultimate combination of two beloved British favourites.

Shane only sells the drinkers’ delicacy on a Saturday morning from his award-winning shop in Fearnhead, Warrington, which includes 27 flavours of pies on its beefed-up menu.

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Is this “the perfect hangover cure”?

But he regularly sells more than 50 of them each week to hungry punters - many of whom are looking for something delicious to tuck into after a boozy Friday night.

Shane, 44, said: “It’s the best hangover cure around here, that’s for sure.

“We do a pie of the week every week so I’m always thinking up a new pie.

“I normally think them up when I’m drunk. I always said that a full English was always a good hangover cure.

Shane Neild with his creation

“I like a full English and I like a pie, so I thought I’d put them together.

“We started doing it on a Saturday morning for when people have been to the pub on a Friday and it went down a treat.

“People love them, they were asking how we can fit all that in one pie. It’s just a normal size, one-person pie, people are amazed we can get it all in."

Shane cooks the ingredients first before filling the pastry and baking it in the oven.

He regularly sells more than 50 of them each week

He said every bite of the pie - around nine inches in diameter and 1.5inches deep - provides a mouthful of every ingredient.

While he personally does not like beans, he says they are essential to the success of the pie. And he is thinking of expanding to sell them on a Friday.

Shane added: “You need the beans for the texture. I don’t like beans myself but I have tried a few test ones without the beans and it just doesn’t work without them.

“We cook around 50 or 60 of them each week and we always sell out early doors.

“It’s a northerner's dream come true, a pie and a full English in one.

“I’m thinking about doing them on a Friday too, I think they could be a big hit with the builders on a Friday morning who fancy a fry up.”

Qualified chef Shane, who runs the shop with his partner Lindsay, has won six certificates from the British Pie Awards for his creations.

Also on his menu alongside traditional pies like meat and potato and steak and kidney are specials such as pork, black pudding and pear and tandoori chicken with mango chutney.

The couple started out baking their pies to be sold at markets two years ago before opening the shop, called To Pie For, near their home two weeks before the first lockdown.

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