A better bit of batter on your fish

Skippers Fish BarBlackpool Road, Preston

By James Reader
Thursday, 5th June 2014, 6:00 pm

It gave a whole new meaning to the ‘Cod Army’.

Skippers is an institution in our house. We don’t ‘go and get fish and chips’, we ‘go to Skippers’.

Imagine my surprise therefore when none other than Fleetwood Town boss Graham Alexander was stood, propped against the stainless steel counter, waiting for his fish supper.

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He gave nothing away, his rather dour expression hid the sense of joy he must still have been feeling barely days after winning at Wembley.

And, what a wise way to celebrate winning promotion to League One.

Decent fish and chip shops are becoming harder to find.

But there are few better chippies in Preston and we’re never disappointed when we get home with our catch.

The fish wins on both counts.

Firstly, it is always perfectly cooked, moist and firm.

Wrapped around gleaming white fillet, the batter is never stodgy. It is a delicate crisp crust and delicious to eat by itself.

The chips have that old fashioned chippy flavour and texture – so much better and more satisfying than the ‘freedom fries’ most of us shove into our faces at KFC or McDonalds.

Mushy peas are a key part of the fish and chip experience – and the peas here taste fresh and don’t all clog together like they can at some inferior chippies.

They say fish is brain food.

Maybe a few more takeaways from Skippers and Fleetwood Town will be in the Championship before PNE.

Someone should tell Simon Grayson...