Takeaway review: Green Frog, Preston

It’s the Preston waterside-goers takeaway van of choice - and quite literally ‘jumping’ at weekends with queues at peak times.

Friday, 1st November 2019, 2:32 pm
Sausage barm
Sausage barm

But what’s all the fuss about the Green Frog?The Post newsdesk teamtook it upon themselves to try a variety of dishes from the famed mobile van, ordering ahead to ‘leapfrog’ the queues and discovered a highly organised operation with smiling staff and a positive vibe. The menu varies from all the breakfast favourites to jacket potatoes and chips and prices are very reasonable. So here is our reviewANDYI’m a sucker for the classic stable, cheese burger, so it immediately caught my eye on the menu. The accompanying offer of free chips sealed the deal. And while the fries were gratis, they lacked nothing in taste. Perfectly cooked and crispy, they really hit the spot. Cheese burger from a van might conjure up images of something a little on the greasy side, but the Green Frog doesn’t hold with any of that. My lunch was nicely cooked, clean and fresh, with a delicious and ample serving of onions. A real winner of a dinner.NICOLAI plumped for chicken curry and chips because - it was Friday - so why not.I wasn’t quite sure what to expect but was more than pleased with my portion of chips generously accompanied by a portion of curry with a decent kick. Not just that but the chicken breast in the curry was soft tender with no ‘dodgy’ bit - safe to safe I’m a fussy eater so if I liked it, you probably will. and it was only £3 - an absolute bargain.JENNYMy sausage and egg barm was bob on: crammed full of sausages and with the egg slightly runny - there is no better butty van grub than that.HELENI enjoyed a bacon, egg and sausage barmcake which was beautifully cooked and certainly, was not too fatty. I picked up the order and it was ready at the promised time and t6he staff were very friendly and smiling - I’m not surprised it is so popular.GILLMy choice was hot minted lamb on a brown barmcake, which came with a few chips on the side and was a bargain at £3.50. It was packed with tasty lamb with sauce-a-plenty - enough to drip down your chins and land on your clothes so you are reminded how good it was all afternoon. There was no need for the chips, really, but were dispatched nonetheless!

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Cheeseburger and chips