Takeaway review: Anon Premier Indian Takeaway

ANON PREMIER INDIAN TAKEAWAY'¨56 Fishergate Hill, Preston

Friday, 29th July 2016, 3:41 pm
Updated Friday, 29th July 2016, 4:44 pm
Anon Premier Indian takeaway, Fishergate Hill, Preston.
Chicken tikka bhaji and puri
Anon Premier Indian takeaway, Fishergate Hill, Preston. Chicken tikka bhaji and puri

“Ooh – that looks new, I’ve not noticed that before.”

Always keen to try new eating places, it was with a frisson of excitement that I noticed signage of a new takeaway during my drive home.

Turns out it’s actually been open a few months and I’d just not clocked it until now but it was a good excuse to forego cooking to test it out.

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Anon Premier Indian takeaway, Fishergate Hill, Preston. The three curries

After realising I could order online, I placed an order for a meal deal for three people for £24.95 correctly assuming it would be plenty for our family of four.

The meal deal consisted of three starters, three main dishes with a choice of rice, chips or chappati and two Indian breads.

For starters, we chose two chicken tikka bhaji and puri and one mixed kebab which consisted of a seekh kebab, a shami kebab and an onion bhaji.

The chicken tikka bhaji and puris were simply gorgeous. The deep fried Indian bread was crammed with chicken cooked in a perfectly spiced curry sauce and was delicious and of superior quality.

Anon Premier Indian takeaway, Fishergate Hill, Preston.

We cut the two puris in half and shared them and they were a hit with us all.

Unfortunately, the mixed kebab wasn’t quite as successful. Although the onion bhaji was great with crispy onions and plenty of flavour, the seekh kebab was bland, dry and flavourless and the shami kebab tasted almost identical and was just a different shape and wasn’t like the tasty shami kebabs I am used to.

The meal deal options for main courses were a bit different from the usual offering which was pleasing and for our three curries, we chose a lamb tikka shoaley, which was a curry with garlic, cultured yogurt, mixed spices, coriander and fenugreek; a chicken tikka balti masala with a balti sauce with onions and mixed herbs and a chicken tikka balti curry with a sauce with a range of oriental spices, garlic herbs and coriander.

To accompany our curries, we chose two pilau rice and one chips.

Anon Premier Indian takeaway, Fishergate Hill, Preston. The three curries

We pooled all the food and shared it and all the curries were delicious and a cut above the usual Indian takeaway food.

Unlike some curries which all taste essentially the same, each dish had its own unique flavour and range of spices and the medium strength of each curry was just right.

The lamb shoaley was an interesting dish as it had a slightly sweetish flavour followed by a spicier kick and the meat was tender and tasty.

The balti masala had a fragrant and flavoursome sauce and the chicken tikka pieces were perfectly cooked while the chicken tikka balti curry had a completely different flavour but was as equally good.

Anon Premier Indian takeaway, Fishergate Hill, Preston.

The pilau rice was just right while the chips were fantastic as they were homemade and not just fries like many takeaways offer.

We chose a garlic naan and a plain naan as our two Indian breads and they were light and fluffy and ideal for mopping up the sauce.

However, we could not taste any garlic in either of the naan breads so either they’d sent us two plain by accident or the garlic flavouring was very sparse.

With the majority of the food rivalling restaurant quality, our verdict was that this is a great addition to the local takeaway scene.

If the mixed kebab had been better and the naan bread had actually contained garlic, our opinion would have been even higher.

We also felt that with how little they cost, throwing in a few poppadoms with the meal deal wouldn’t have gone amiss.

Despite this, we were pleased with the food we had and will be returning next time we fancy a curry takeaway.