Review: veggie delights at RK Sweets

If you ever travel to India and try to find a chicken tikka masala, you're likely to be sorely disappointed.

Friday, 7th April 2017, 12:50 pm
Updated Tuesday, 9th May 2017, 8:18 pm
RK Sweets in Preston
RK Sweets in Preston

Most UK curry houses have adapted eastern cuisine into something they reckon is most suited to our (rather wimpy) British tastes over the years.

And I’m fairly sure Uncle Ben, that cheery chap whose curry sauce is a kitchen cupboard staple here, hasn’t based his recipes too closely on real Indian cooking.

However, if you like your food to come with a proper kick and be authentically Indian, then RK Sweets is likely to make you very happy indeed - as long as you like vegetarian food as there is no meat on offer.

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Staring at its glass-fronted counter, laden with amazing savoury and sweet dishes, makes me feel like a kid in a sweet shop – I want to try a bit of everything.

The array of colours and smells is almost bamboozling, but fortunately the staff are always helpful enough to tell you what’s what, if you are new to this sort of thing (and a little scared of ordering something too spicy.)

I’m clearly not the only person who loves the place, as the owners are opening up another branch in Bolton.

I’ve previously eaten in, in the simple, canteen style restaurant, where the food is quick, cheap and delicious (particularly the thali where you can fill your plate with several curries, rice and a chapati for only £4).

This time, I decided to see what the takeaway counter had to offer.

I shared two curries with my other half Ben, and added a five-pack of roti bread, four bhajis and samosas, a shared portion of pilau rice and two sweet fig cakes. That feast came to a mere £12, leading me to conclude your family would need to be the size of the Waltons to spend a £20 note in here.

The highlight was the chilli paneer curry, with its rich red hue hinting at the spectrum of flavours within, It somehow managed to be sweet and spicy at the same time, though I did wimp out and not chomp on the whole green chillis threaded through the curry.

We also enjoyed a hearty aubergine and potato curry, mopping up the thick sauce with the soft roti bread (so much better than gut-busting naan!)

The samosas were packed with fresh veg and the leftovers made a nice lunch-time snack the following day.

Indian puddings can sometimes be to sweet but the fig and nut slices were a sticky delight and went down well with a brew.

I’d give RK a 10 out of 10 if they did home deliveries!