Culinary genius or foul abomination? Lancashire readers have their say on the great 'fruitcake with cheese' debate

The major issue on everybody's lips this week has been the controversial issue of Christmas cake '“ should it be eaten with or without cheese?

Wednesday, 12th December 2018, 11:52 am
Updated Wednesday, 12th December 2018, 12:55 pm
Should fruitcake be served with or without cheese?
Should fruitcake be served with or without cheese?

Generally seen as a Northern thing, our readers were divided over whether this most delicious of traditions had its roots in Yorkshire or was also a Lancashire thing.

The type of cheese also provoked hot comment, with many posters preferring Wensleydale or opting for a blue cheese with their fruit cake.

Here’s what you think of the festive hot topic . . .

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Cake without the cheese is like a kiss without a squeeze

Susan Walsh

It is a Yorkshire thing but I have had it in Lancashire when a Yorkshire relative lived with us. It’s very nice but the cheese has to be Lancashire.

Carole Williams

Yes. I am from Blackburn originally and cheese with fruit cake was something my Grandparents loved.

Elizabeth Wolfendon

Nice slice of Wensleydale goes well with fruit cake.

Fred Cummings

Cheese and apple pie is good too!

Jane Hull

Not just Christmas cake. Any rich fruit cake. It’s a thing in Cheshire too but in both counties, it’s best with the crumbly variety of the county cheese.

Barbara Lavery

I’m a Lancastrian and love it but sure this is a Yorkshire tradition

Jo Porter

Lancashire cheese in a strawberry jam butty is amazeball!

Sandra Cardwell

Don’t knock it till you try it, gotta be a nice thick slice of Cheddar on top

Annie Young

My hubby always has Christmas cake and cheese and he’s from Sheffield

Gill Piper

I must be a good Lancashire lass, I have all this at Christmas.

Anita Tsitos

My Dad ate cheese with fruit cake and we are from Newcastle upon Tyne.

Brenda Teasdale

My nana used to like this. She was Yorkshire born. It’s not a taste that I’ve acquired though!

Leanne LW

Very common for folk to do that up North

Elaine Pearson

Not in Lancashire . . . it’s a Yorkshire thing

Sharon Watkinson

Nope, never heard of this! Cheese and jam, though

Mandy Proctor

Only had this since living in East Lancashire!

Diane Grainger

Yes! Stilton with fruit cake

Heather Butler Bancroft