Christmas and New Year bin collection Preston 2020: dates black, brown and blue bins are collected over festive period

There will be no bin collections on Christmas Day and New Years Day

Tuesday, 22nd December 2020, 5:23 pm
Bins will not be emptied on Christmas Day or New Years Day (Picture: Shutterstock)

With all the eating, drinking and gift-giving over the festive period, you might be wondering how to dispose of all the extra waste.

The Christmas holidays are a time when many services tend to wind down, and bin collection is no different.

Here are the changes to bin collection dates and service provision over the festive period.

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Preston bin collection

There will be no bin collection on Christmas Day or New Years day, therefore those who are affected by this will have their bin collection rescheduled.

A spokesperson for the council said: “Residents will be visited on different days depending on where they are across the city.

“Residents with waste collections on the days that crews are not working will have been notified by the end of this week [week commencing 14 December 2020].”

There will also be a notification hung on the handle of your bin, to inform you of your revised collection date.

There will be no additional uplift for rubbish which is not contained within your black wheelie bin..

Will I still be able to recycle?

There will be no recycle collection - blue and brown bin uplifts - on 25 December, 28 December and 1 January – these will not be rescheduled.

However, extra recycling will be removed at your next scheduled collection date and recycling not contained within your blue recycling bin should be placed next to it, in an untied carrier bag.

Garden waste collections will stop on Friday, 18 December 2020 and green bin collection will resume on Monday, 11 January 2021.

Preston City Council have also asked residents to be aware that garden waste collection dates may have changed in the New Year, you should be notified before this happens if it affects you.

Recycling your Christmas Tree

Preston City Council will collect trees free of charge for those subscribed to garden waste collection.

To have your tree uplifted, break it down and store it in your garden waste bin - after Christmas, garden waste will be collected again from Monday, 11 January.

Trees which do not fit in your bin should be placed next to your bin by 7am on your normal collection day.

For those who have not subscribed to garden waste collection, you can have your tree collected by applying on the Preston City Council website - at a fee of £5 per tree.

Tips on reducing waste during the Christmas period

You can recycle cardboard boxes, Christmas cards and plastic bottles in your normal at-home recycling bin, as well as tins and empty aerosol cans.

Gift wrapping usually cannot be recycled as it contains plastics which are not recyclable.

Foil from mince pies and turkeys can be recycled, but leftover food should be put in your general waste bin, textiles and empty cartons should also go in your waste bin.

Reduce food waste from your Christmas Dinner by storing leftovers and eating for Boxing Day lunch.