Cheers! Buckshaw Village microbar pulls its first pint

Pints and politics mixed at the opening night of a new micro bar in Buckshaw Village.

Thursday, 15th December 2016, 9:22 am
Updated Thursday, 15th December 2016, 11:22 am
Liam Morrow, Lindsay Hoyle & Gerard Crompton at Filling Factory Number 1 in Buckshaw Village

Named after the original title for the Royal Ordnance site, Filling Factory Number One will now be filling bottles and glasses, not bombs.

Chorley MP Lindsay Hoyle pulled the bar’s first pint, officially opening the establishment on Friday, December 2.

Only 15 months earlier he had opened Morrow Brothers Packaging main bottling plant in Buckshaw.

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Mr Hoyle said: “It’s fantastic to see the continued expansion of Morrow Brothers Packaging into new areas and the jobs that will be created from such enterprises.

“It’s great for the continued success of Buckshaw Village and Chorley at large.”

Filling Factory Number One is situated within the Morrow Brothers Packaging at Unit F in Ordnance Road.

Licensee and managing director of Morrow Brothers Packaging Gerard Crompton said: “We’re hoping to offer a unique experience to the people of Buckshaw and surrounding areas who can come and enjoy some of the best drinks available in a unique setting.

“With the recent closing down of the Cowshed we’re hoping to fly the flag for an independent business on Buckshaw.”

Liam Morrow, of the family-owned beer bottling business spoke to the Guardian about where the idea for the bar came from.

“Under the office was dead space so we thought we would open it as a mircobar,” he said.

“We built the bar ourselves out of reclaimed material such as palets and the scaffolding planks.”

“We want to become renowned for our beer offering.

“We also want to attract the ladies so we’ll be offering prossecco by the glass and gin too.

“The aim is to serve a diverse range of keg beer, cask ales and speciality gins, while at the same time giving patrons a unique atmosphere for a quiet drink.”

Visitors to the diminutive bar are already giving it glowing reviews. Simon Todd wrote on Facebook: “Fantastic little bar, great addition to our wonderful village. Great selection of Real Ales, fantastic selection of gins.

“Great atmosphere. What else do you want? Loved it.”

Morrow Brothers Packaging bottles beer for over 100 micro breweries.