Cyclists v motorists: The debate continues over road use and courtesy in Lancashire - here's the driver's point of view

Our story about motorists facing a £100 fine for driving too close to cyclists got some seeing red.

Wednesday, 19th September 2018, 11:07 am
Updated Wednesday, 19th September 2018, 10:52 pm
Motorists could face 100 fine for driving too close to cyclists

But the opinions were split, with interesting views on both sides. Here are some of the comments from the drivers, and you can read the case for the cyclists by clicking here:

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Motorists could face £100 fine for driving too close to cyclists

Good to give cyclists plenty of room obviously. BUT what about cyclists who ride middle of a lane or two or more deep???? Cyclists should be held responsible for their actions too.

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Stuart Weeks

So if cyclists are side by side that means I give them 1.5m clearance to overtake them in my wagon,that puts me well and truly into on coming traffic. Do I risk a head on collision passing these cyclists or sit behind them at 10mph causing a huge tail back and frustrated drivers? Also my company pay many thousands of pounds to tax,insure and MOT my wagon every year......what do cyclists pay to enjoy the tarmac us drivers pay for?

Andy Swain

Ridiculous! Some of them shouldn’t be cycling on the road! Make them lay road tax then! Always getting stuck behind one and they literally on purpose go in the middle of the road

Thomas McFerran

What about cyclists that cycle on the road with no helmet that constantly swerve because they're texting or ringing people on their phones? They should get the same fines for motorists when on their phones

Katie Brierley

Im all for giving everyone the room needed but what about when cyclists don’t give themselves enough room whilst undertaking/overtaking slow moving traffic, parked cars, etc!?!

Fiona Weir

Cyclists should all be made to wear hi viz and be educated on how to use the roads !

Darren Massaro

Keep cyclists of major roads . They are dangerous and should pay to use roads just like motorists

David Andrew Jackson

They should make it the law that if there's a cycle path they should use a lot don't and make it unsafe for themselves

Walter Fitzgerald

Hope this applies to them when they are squeezing down your inside. They don't need a cars width then do they?

Mark Ianson

Hope they do the same for horses then as cyclist seem to be overtaking our bridlepaths too and are rude a lot of the time and they have no respect for other road users a lot of the time

Karan Tett

So what when the road tax dodgers ride 3 abreast chatting away to their lycra loving friends?

Ste Mccreanney

There are roads that are not big enough for 2 cars to squeeze past let alone leaving 1.5m for the cyclists! And what about fines for the cyclists for being so arrogant and behaving like they own the road?

Ann Armstrong

They should make it law if they are going to ride on the road they should pay road tax and insurance they are an accident waiting to happen

Tanya Eley

Sorry but a lot of cyclists need proper training on road use we live near a cycle route and the number of idiots cycling 2 and 3 a breast plus ignoring red traffic lights etc need I go on.

Pauline Thomas

Cyclists should have to pay road tax you might ask why because if they are riding on a road and any vehicle using a road or highway by law has to pay road tax plus insurance, my understanding is I thought road tax helps pay for the unkeep and services of all roads and highways in the uk unless I’ve got it wrong

Angela Burdess

Cycling should be on cycle paths only.... Simple. Danger to themselves and many others they don't even know about...Thousands of pounds wasted widening footpaths to cycleways.... They never get used.

Tony Currie

I'm a cyclist.and it annoys me when i see other cyclist riding two and three apart

Dennis Whittle

Ask cyclists to recognise that they are sometimes in a drivers blind spot and they have to exercise caution. When they come from behind its not in the car drivers capability to leave enough space.

Susan Stevens

I will happily give any cyclist in high vis, wearing a helmet and obiding by the rules of the road including stopping at red lights the room they need to commute. 'Cyclists' who mount the curb, who don't wear helmets and ignore red lights or conveniently use the pavement when the lights are red have zero respect from me.

Adam Soothill

Does the same apply to those lycra clad clowns when they come squeezing down traffic queues bashing and scratching cars all the way not caring because they have no means of being identified or insurance to claim off?? Or would we just be right in thinking this is yet another cash grab from motorists??

Peter Nicholson

Going up London Road into Preston, there is an excellent cycle path, away from the road. Where do they cycle? On the road and not on the cycle path!

Wendy Gibson Redman

Are cyclists still exempt from not observing traffic signals ?????

John Clark

So on country lanes that would be in the ditch on the other side of the road, gotcha

Andy Gerrard

I also dislike cyclists who run red lights.....

Peter Hamnett