Book review: Alien Storm by A G Taylor

What’s it like living someone else’s nightmares?

Fifteen-year-old Sarah Williams knows only too well and it’s turning her world upside down.

Hot on the trail of A G Taylor’s brilliant Meteorite Strike comes the action-packed sequel featuring the children who developed amazing psychic powers from a freak virus in Australia.

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Being able to read other’s minds and even to become invisible is both a blessing and a curse as they hide out from their ruthless pursuers.

And there’s even more trouble ahead because deadly meteorites are heading to earth and an old enemy is out to get them.

Taylor has plenty of tricks up his sleeve in his new rollercoaster thriller which pits a band of super-powered kids against the might of a rogue military chief, a pack of terrifying robowolves and a spine-chilling evil Entity.

This top-class adventure story, aimed at children aged 11 and over, thrusts us into an eerie and exciting dystopian world which is teetering on the edge of anarchy after a meteorite strike.

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Sarah and her 10-year-old brother Robert were on the way to Australia with their dad when their plane was forced to crash land in the desert.

They managed to escape from the wreckage but the meteorite was carrying an alien virus which gave them enhanced powers and plunged most of the adult population, including their dad, into a deep coma.

Along with four other children, they have been on the run for six months now, desperately trying to avoid anyone who might exploit their extraordinary powers.

Group leader Sarah can read and even control the minds of others while Robert’s speciality is teleporting, disappearing in an instant and appearing somewhere else.

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All the children have supernatural abilities and together they form a formidable and potent force, but Sarah has a dark feeling that something bad is coming and if they don’t get out of Australia, none of them will be safe.

Meanwhile, Major Bright – a former adversary who can vaporise a man with a flick of his wrist and summon up a storm in the twinkling of an eye – desperately needs a vial of the children’s blood to create a serum that will make him indestructible.

And if that wasn’t enough, killer robotic wolves are on the prowl and an Entity on a devastating mission is heading their way.

Saving the world is going to take every ounce of the children’s superpowers.

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Taylor’s brilliant sci-fi adventure has all the visual impact of a 3D film...a band of entertaining and quirky young heroes, truly scary baddies, sparkling dialogue and action sequences that keep the pages turning and the heart pounding.

And the good news for us all is that Alien Storm is not the end of the story - a third instalment will hit the shelves later this year.

(Usborne, paperback, £5.99)

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