Takeaway review: Will the Happy Frier fish and chip shop in Clayton-le-Woods, Lancashire, put a smile on your face?

It's now around seven months since the Happy Frier re-opened after a fire (on Friday the 13th - unlucky) which prompted a total refurbishment of the premises, including walls, ceilings and floors replaced throughout.

By The Newsroom
Friday, 24th August 2018, 12:28 pm
Updated Friday, 24th August 2018, 1:45 pm
Happy Frier
Happy Frier

A new look establishment has emerged Pheonix-like from the drama and it is is now at the top of its game with the shiny floors and counters to prove it - but does the food reflect the quality of the furnishings?

It’s certainly a pleasant experience to turn up at the chippy - it has electronic everything from extensive menus and prices to indications of waiting times - not that there was much of one.

Used to the slightly grottier environs and declining standards of my most local chippy, I couldn’t help be impressed by a place which even has a mat with cheerful Happy Frier logo on it. But that might be just me.

The chippy was full when I arrived on a Friday evening though most people, it emerged, had already ordered and were waiting for their food to be freshly cooked, though nobody waited very long.

Situated as it is on the small shopping precinct, there was plenty of parking making it it a fairly easy experience and convenient if you want to pop into the small Tesco or other shops as well - there’s also a cash machine.

I ordered for two and kept it simple, despite the vast array on offer - there is certainly something for everyone - with a fish and chips twice and a side order of mushy peas and a side order of gravy.

In one of those happy coincidences that rarely occur in life, I managed to time my visit with the hauling out of the frier of fresh chips and fresh fish so I was on my way pretty quickly.

The staff were, young, friendly and efficient and soon sorted out my peas and gravy. Prices are as expected and reasonable.

Back home with my precious parcels, after a small period of torture as they sat smelling delicious on the passenger seat of the car, I soon had them open.

Compared to the soggy, beige, offering I have become used to recently these were a triumph.

Large golden brown battered fish, just the right side of crispy, with a generous portion of chips which were perfect and not greasy.

With an application of tasty gravy (controversial on fish, I know) and some delicious mushies I was a very happy girl indeed and could not ask for much more.

Although they could wrap them in Lancashire Post’s, that would make them perfect!

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