Takeaway review: No sweet redemption for this late and cold takeaway treat from Mash's Wing Ranch in Preston

With a small person and chief reviewer in the house,  there was always going to be little choice left to the adult in charge. So it was never going to end well when chief reviewer requested popcorn chicken and chips, only to be told said meal wasn't on the menu.
Kids nugget meal - fries, chicken nuggets and drink, with side order of onion ringsKids nugget meal - fries, chicken nuggets and drink, with side order of onion rings
Kids nugget meal - fries, chicken nuggets and drink, with side order of onion rings

After some fine negotiation and a lengthy examination of the menu, Small agreed to try the kids nuggets meal, with a side order of everything mummy was trying.

I opted for delivery as it was Bank Holiday Monday and my problems slowly started building. First I was unable to pay by card over the phone, and would have to pay in cash at the door. Luckily, on this occasion, I had the required amount. With the full order in hand, I fleetingly asked how long and was given a rough estimate of half an hour, which is what I expected, quickly making a note of the time – 4.15pm.

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Fifteen minutes later the takeaway called to explain that the delivery would take longer as there was a problem with the delivery driver. Not the end of the world I thought – until an hour passed and our food still hadn’t arrived.

Classic hot dog, the bunstripper and friesClassic hot dog, the bunstripper and fries
Classic hot dog, the bunstripper and fries

When it did finally turn up, at 5.30pm, there was more disappointment in store – it was lukewarm or cold.

Billed as an American-style takeaway, there was a choice of various different tastes from the US – shrimp, nachos, signature chicken burgers and beef burgers, hotdogs, wraps and hoagies.

I was keen to try an American classic and was torn between ordering a cheese philly steak hoagie or a hot dog.

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In the end, the hot dog won out and I opted for a regular dog – a classic dog with grilled onions, ketchup and mayo.

This was actually quite tasty, and was one of the few items that was fairly hot. It came wrapped in grease paper, just as I imagine a hot dog would be served from a food vendor across the shores. My only gripe is that I thought it would be bigger.

The new addition to the menu - the bunstripper – golden pieces of chicken tenders on a mini bun with cheese and mayo - was also very tasty and probably the best thing we ordered.

Small tried both too, and enjoyed the hot dog, but wasn’t keen on the bunstripper.

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Small’s chicken nuggets were rubbery and the fries cold, as were the side orders of onion rings and fries.

Surprisingly missing from the menu was any sort of American-style desserts, which might have redeemed our takeaway treat as a whole.

Small and chief reviewer had little to say about her meal, but we both agreed that we wouldn’t order from Mash’s Wing Ranch again.

Mash’s Wing Ranch

241 Ribbleton Lane, Preston,


Tel: 01772 908008

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