Half of Lancastrians say they waste most of their free time cooking

Do you find time to cook?Do you find time to cook?
Do you find time to cook?
Millions of people in the UK are trying to balance their social lives, relationships and all of life's other chores like cooking and housework meaning precious spare time is becoming increasingly limited.

New research has revealed that on average Lancastrians have under 3 hours of free time each evening, with almost half of those in Lancashire (43%) citing cooking their evening meal as the task that takes up the majority of their free time, with many wishing food preparation was easier, quicker and less pressured.

Chores are the next biggest time sapper with cleaning (40%), washing up (43%), laundry (32%) and grocery shopping (27%) completing the list according to the study from Saucy Fish Co.

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On average, Lancastrians cook and prepare an evening meal at least 4 times a week and with 7% having just a measly 30 mins to 1 hour of free time, cooking often needs to be convenient - particularly as over a quarter (28%) admit that the effort it takes to cook often deters them from preparing a meal and instead turning to takeaways and snacks.

As cooking was voted the most time consuming ‘life admin’, over a quarter (28%) of those surveyed stated that they wish cooking good meals was simpler in order to save on sparse free moments in a hectic life.

Although people do manage to set the time aside to cook, they admitted that other things creep into their minds, meaning we aren’t focused on the task at hand. People were more concerned about what they have to do tomorrow (18%) their partners (18%) and kids (15%).

Commenting on the findings, Oliver Proudlock from Made in Chelsea said: “I’m always on the go and cooking under pressure so my meals need to be quick, convenient and delicious. Taking on The Saucy Fish Co challenge made me appreciate how easy it can be to whip up a delicious salmon taco dish – if I can do it on the fairground waltzers, then you guys can definitely nail it in the kitchen at home. I’m pretty impressed with my efforts, the end result was incredible.”

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