Deans bakery simply the best pies in Preston

Everyone loves a good bakers and if you’ve grown up in and around Preston, it’s more than likely at some point you’ve had a loaf, a pie, a butty or a sweet treat from Deans.
Deans Bakery, Blackpool Road, steak and kidney pieDeans Bakery, Blackpool Road, steak and kidney pie
Deans Bakery, Blackpool Road, steak and kidney pie

There’s something quite nostalgic about the traditional bakers shop, where in times gone most would have ventured daily for a fresh loaf and maybe a bun or two.

Some still do.

That fresh baked smell and glass counter of cakes and delights when you step into Deans is frequently talked about by those who regularly make it their go to place for a bite to eat at lunch.

Deans Bakery, Blackpool Road, Ashton, custard pieDeans Bakery, Blackpool Road, Ashton, custard pie
Deans Bakery, Blackpool Road, Ashton, custard pie
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The queues on a lunchtime rush speak for themselves at this little shop located just a stones throw away from Haslam Park.

Most days you know you have to get there early to ensure you get your pie of choice .

It was a slightly later time of 1.15pm when I made my visit, en route I had been debating between a lovely crisp sausage roll, (if you‘ve never tried them here you really should) or a classic meat and potato pie.

The counter was well stocked with warm pies meat and potato, steak and onion and a steak and kidney – tops all perfectly browned and not too crisp round the edges.

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So good they looked, in fact, I ordered a meat and potato and a steak and kidney .

It was cream cakes and tarts galore – too tempting to pass on a small late afternoon treat.

I picked up a cupcake with sprinkles, the request had come from my sister via text, having heard I was heading there, and a lovely large custard pie, which I knew would wash down nicely with a cup of tea.

While you know these fresh home bakes will be good, the other thing you can always be sure of at Deans is a smile and some friendly chatter with staff only ever happy to help. It’s a shame they can’t bag up the cheeriness and sell it too.

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My goods all wrapped up it was time to pay – a grand total of £5.25 what does lunch for a fiver usually get you these days?

Back home, we tucked in and it was every bit as good and filling as they looked. Nice crisp pastry, not even a hint of a soggy bottom. The custard was shared between three of us, with pie to spare, I reserved the rights to the rest of it later.

Reviews you find online rate Deans up there as one of the favourite bakeries in the city, if you’ve yet to have found it I insist you make a call soon, where a smile will most definitely greet you.