These are the 20 most haunted places in Lancashire and the stories behind them

As Halloween approaches we've been through the archives to dig up stories from the Red Rose County's spooky history.

Friday, 23rd October 2020, 4:14 pm
Pendle Hill - Pendle witch country
Pendle Hill - Pendle witch country

From the witches of Pendle Hill to the spirit at the Wellington Inn throwing CDs around the pub, there are have been plenty of strange goings on around the county over the years.

Here are 20 of the most chilling....

Like any self-respecting establishment of venerable age, Fulwood Barracks has its obligatory ghosts—not just one, but at least three, and that’s before counting the spectral squad of Roman soldiers said to tramp the line of the old Roman road right through the middle of the parade square.

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Home to Meg Shelton - a local witch in the late seventeenth century
Thurnham Hall boasts a chapel, a priest hole and several ghosts
A Grey Lady (believed to be the ghost of Sarah Siddons) has been seen drifting across the auditorium. She has also been seen sitting quietly in the back of the stalls.
Samlesbury Hall is renowned as one of the most haunted locations in Britain. Resident spirits include the legendary White Lady, Dorothy Southworth who died of a broken heart and has since been seen on many occasions within the Hall and grounds.
TV series "Haunted Britain" found plenty of spirits in the bar
Muncaster Castle is one of the Britains most haunted buildings, scientists have been researching the ghosts of the Castle since 1992 and are still unable to explain some of the strange occurrences reported at the Castle.
‘Cloggy’ the former ride operator can occasionally still be heard...
When owner Mrs Howarth saw smoke coming from the chapel ceiling, she summoned the fire brigade who discovered the smoke originated from the unknown chimney hide, within which a log was burning from the inside out
Phantom footsteps and the sounds of doors opening and slamming brought staff running in the maternity wing, just in time to discover and save a baby from suffocation.
Heskin Hall is a haunted old manor house that now houses some amazing artefacts. If you are afraid of Annabelle dolls and clowns then these are the rooms to avoid
Roman soldiers are said to still patrol the area
This building is said to hold both prisoners and several ghosts. A middle-aged woman with a young girl were reported moving around near a cell, while another prisoner again reported the young girl, but his time with a haggard old woman. Also, the grey form of a monk has been seen, reportedly once hanged here.
Stones have been thrown beneath the stage, footsteps heard on gravel and shadows seen moving around on the upper balcony during overnight ghost hunts here.
Fred is one of several entities said to haunt the site, other others being a shadowy figure seen on stage, a man wearing a trilby, a Victorian woman with a child, and an actress.
There is a legend locally that the tunnel is haunted by the ghost of a young woman who fell out of a carriage and under the wheels of the train as it passed through
In the bedrooms on the first and second floor the sound of loud clumping footsteps and clanking of chains being dragged have often been heard and reported, together with the spectre of Sir Cuthbert Clifton who died nearly 400 hundred years ago.
A 17th century pub reputed to be the most haunted in the area. Over the years, landlords, landladies, bar-staff, visiting trades-men and customers have witnessed/heard supernatural activity and poltergeist incidents have been captured on CCTV.
The hall is reputedly haunted by a grey lady, Queen Elizabeth I and a man in Elizabethan clothing. The figure of a man floating above the canal at the rear of the building has also been reported