Morecambeology - Memories of Lord Sutch with Peter Wade

Screaming Lord Sutch was a frequent visitor to Morecambe, appearing at least six times including his first show at the Floral Hall in 1964.

Friday, 15th October 2021, 3:45 pm

His stage style had many influences including music hall, horror movies, pulp comics and slapstick, though an important one was Grand Guignol – naturalistic horror.

Performances of his early song Jack the Ripper was prepared for by a visit to the local butcher’s to buy up offal for use on stage.

The song Jack the Ripper appeared on Lord Sutch’s 1964 album Dracula’s Daughter, produced by Joe Meek (of Telstar fame) who had first spotted Sutch in 1961.

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Screaming Lord Sutch.

The pair shared an interest in horror, and Meek made Sutch pose as Jack the Ripper in Whitechapel to promote the song and album.

Lord Sutch, the self-styled 3rd Earl of Harrow, was known as much for his political activity as his music. He stood for Parliament no less than 39 times, initially for the National Teenage Party and then the better known Monster Raving Loony Party.

He was a constant presence at general and by-election counts during the Thatcher era in particular.

Screaming Lord Sutch and his band The Savages made a notable return to Morecambe’s Floral Hall (by then the Empire Room) on Thursday October 13, 1994, 30 years on from that first appearance. The show was billed as ‘A Big Night Out with names of fame supported by stars of tomorrow’, the latter being local bands as support acts.

Screaming Lord Sutch and his election agent pictured at the count in February 1998.

There was much talk of turning the clock back to 1964 and of ‘one last time’ though the ticket price of £10 was rather more than the few shillings admittance to the original show.

Hosted by MC ‘Woody’ (the late Paul Woodruff) the 1994 line-up featured The Survivors, Chessmen, Green Gingers and Golly & Guests with the night’s

headliners in full Wild Man of Borneo mode.

Golly with his good friend Screaming Lord David Sutch.