1982 Lancashire nostalgia: A Preston film, £1,850 undies and a gravy dress

Take a light-hearted look at life in Lancashire in 1982, along with a selection of pictures of your memories
Revellers enjoying the Lancashire Evening Post Rock and Pop Challenge at Clouds in PrestonRevellers enjoying the Lancashire Evening Post Rock and Pop Challenge at Clouds in Preston
Revellers enjoying the Lancashire Evening Post Rock and Pop Challenge at Clouds in Preston

Preston jobless to be used in Manxman film

Dole queue recruits are wanted for a new international film being shot on Preston’s derelict waterfront.

Up to 150 jobless men and women are being offered about £50 a day to play bit parts in a first world war drama.

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But the epic which will transform Preston’s derelict dockland into a 1914s-style French harbour - and a grain silo into a waterside cafe - will only take two nights to film and last only two minutes.

It is wanted for a new TV commercial for the American Express credit card company, starring the town’s new leisure attraction, the former Isle of Man steamer Manxman.

The ship, now tied up in the dock after a lifetime going to and fro across the Irish Sea, is said to be the only one in Europe now capable of playing the part.

Maxman owner Mr Tony Gornall said the film-makers could easily have hired 150 extra to play American refugees, French peasants and ship’s officers, but he had insisted on using local unemployed.

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“My deal with them insists on using people from Preston Jobcentre.”

Love is... £1,850 undies which will be a girl’s best friend

They say love has its price... but how about £1,850 for a tiny bra and briefs set?

That is the amount businessman Ted Billington is asking for the limited edition lingerie taking pride of place in his new shop window.

Ted is backing a belief that diamonds are a girl’s best friend. And he is confident there will be no shortage of customers for the jewel-encrusted set.

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Explained Ted, whose store has just opened in Lancaster Road, Preston: “There’ll always be a demand for beautiful things. This is a way of giving a lady diamonds.”

The underwear features birds of paradise embroidered in silver, pale blue and pink... with eyes made of .1 carat diamonds set in white gold.

It has been produced in a limited edition of 50 by Sylvia Hahn Moden of West Germany and only three sets are available in this country.

Designer Mrs Julia Grahame, who is UK agent for the German company, said: “This must be the only lingerie in the world with real jewels. It’s a unique way of giving diamonds - you could have them made into a pendant and earrings afterwards.”

Ted’s wife said: “I think it is lovely - I’d like a set.”

Gravy boat comes in... with a Dior gown!

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Dinner with Princess Di’s parents left an indelible memory for the lady from the Kentucky Fried Chicken shop.

Halfway through the meal at the Spencer’s Althorp stately home, Sandra Hill got the warmest welcome of all 100 guests - a stream of gravy down her new frock.

She got even more browned off when efforts to sponge the stain only made it worse.

But Sandra, 38, from Mellor, near Preston, had not counted on the Countess’s skill as a hostess.

“Pick a gown from my wardrobe,” she was told.

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And for the rest of the dinner she sat in a velvet Dior original.

“Countess Spencer was absolutely marvellous,” said Sandra.

Sandra had been celebrating her birthday at the first £30-a-head dinner and concert evening staged by the Earl and Countess at their 16th century house in Northamptonshire.