'Worst cold ever': Your experiences of 'horrible' bug sweeping Lancashire after director of public health issues advice

It's been dubbed the 'worst cold ever'.

By Adam Lord
Friday, 15th October 2021, 9:39 am
Updated Friday, 15th October 2021, 9:40 am

And after the director of public health for Lancashire Dr Sakthi Karunanithi told those suffering with symptoms to "stay at home if you can", you've been sharing your experiences of the nasty bug - and it's not been pleasant - while also reacting to the advice being dished out.

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"Worst cold ever" spreading across Lancashire: Director of public health says "s...

Charlene Suzanne Hunt: Sorry no can do, still got to work , just like any other Illness you can catch this time of year !! Every snivel , cough you have to isolate … ok !!!

People across the county have been rocked by the 'worst cold ever'

Justin Hargreaves: It's not like we weren't told this would happen.

Lisa Case: Think my son got this he has been really bad x

Nicole Louise Catterall-Harrison: Yes and then I got a chest infection too, not great with asthma.

Adam Houghton: Had it last week but still went to work like every other person.

Gemma Kilshaw: Had this wiped me out for days but guess poor immune system hasn't been as exposed to germs because of lockdown

Jutal Roxy: I'm sure this is what I had, over 2 weeks with no energy 1st week like bad head cold then bad chest infection 2nd week

Sarah Pinson: I had an awful cold from mid August to mid September. I am a primary school teacher and lots of staff have been affected.

Christine Lee Wiggans: Just getting on the right side of it, it's awful...

Michael Stewart: How long before people start panic buying lemsip and other stuff to help them with a cold

Cheryl L Howarth: I've had it and it was horrible

Rosie Singleton: I've had it, my husbands had it .. awful

Pauline Burke: Yes just getting over it, i wasnt this ill when i had covid

Richard John Yates: Wiped me out for days and still got a few of the symptoms but are wearing off now. Was in bed for first day or 2 with it as too hard to sleep at night and focus in the day! Never suffered with a cold this badly before - partner the same and she never really suffers badly either. Hope this will be a “one-off” year for it

Kerry Gillen: I'm on week 4 still having minor setbacks like aches and sore throat....got a cough that won't shift

Joanne Louise Lillie: Took me 5 weeks to start feeling like I was turning a corner week 6 now still not 100% yet

Rick Jennings: I'm on week 3 with this and it has totally wiped me out