The Wishing Well Defibrillator Fund: How this Lostock Hall couple are helping to save people from dying of cardiac arrest

A life was saved from cardiac arrest within the first week of their sister pub installing a defibrillator.

By Laura Longworth
Friday, 1st July 2022, 4:55 am
Updated Friday, 1st July 2022, 3:35 pm

Now a Lostock Hall couple are hoping to have a similar impact on the community by raising £1,200 for the same device to be fitted outside their own pub, The Wishing Well in Brownedge Road. The equipment allows untrained bystanders to help restore normal heart rhythms in someone experiencing cardiac arrest.

Managers Jennie and Dez Brewer are hosting raffles and a charity event with a DJ set on Saturday, July 30, at 8pm to buy the town’s second defibrillator. The first device is located in Tardy Gate.

Jennie said: “We sponsor Lostock Hall Football Club, and if anything happened to one of those guys or even someone from outside of the community because they didn’t know about the first defibrillator, it would be devastating.

Photo Neil Cross; Daz Brewer at the Wishing Well pub in Lostock Hall.

“One of our other pubs in our chain got one - we are part of Blind Tiger Inns - and it saved a life within the first week. So for us as a community, we thought, ‘This is something that we need.’

“We have so many football teams around this village, so it makes sense.”

The couple are calling on the community to help support their mission by donating money or a raffle prize.

Jennie added: “All we ask of our community, especially the businesses, is if they could donate something for our charity night.

Photo Neil Cross; The Wishing Well pub in Lostock Hall.

“Everyone’s support would be fantastic. We have a great community and always seem to get a lot of bad press. The people and businesses are great.”