Sisters undergoing chemotherapy 11,000 miles apart launch '˜Feel the Boobs' song to help reunite them

Two sisters battling breast cancer at opposite ends of the world have launched a fun Band Aid video to help pay for an emotional reunion.

By The Newsroom
Friday, 20th April 2018, 10:51 am
Updated Friday, 20th April 2018, 10:56 am
Roisin Pelan (left) and sister Lindsey Kennedy undergoing treatment on the same day - 11,000 miles apart
Roisin Pelan (left) and sister Lindsey Kennedy undergoing treatment on the same day - 11,000 miles apart

Roisin Pelan and Lindsey Kennedy live 11,000 miles apart in Preston and Melbourne.

Both are undergoing chemotherapy sessions and are desperate to get together in Australia when their gruelling treatment is finished.

So in addition to starting an appeal on a crowdfunding site Down Under to pay for the trip and raise cash for cancer charities, Roisin and her friends in Lancashire have recorded their own version of the Band Aid hit Do They Know It’s Christmas called Feel The Boobs.

Roisin Pelan (left) and sister Lindsey Kennedy undergoing treatment on the same day - 11,000 miles apart

“I can’t believe it’s already had 18,000 views on Facebook,” said Roisin, who penned the lyrics in just 10 minutes before recording it in her front room in Ashton.

“We just wanted to highlight how diagnosing breast cancer early can be so important. It’s just gone crazy.”

Roisin, 36, is fighting the condition for a second time in four years. Lindsey, 42, was diagnosed with cancer after her sister’s illness prompted her to go for a routine scan in Australia.

“Being able to hug each other after what we’ve both been through would be so wonderful,” said Roisin.

Roisin and Lindsey

“We are both going through a bit of a bad time at the moment. But it isn’t cheap for us to fly out to Melbourne.“The idea for the video came because my partner Michael and I like to have a

little sing at home, with him playing the guitar. We decided to get a few people round one night for a song and I thought I would re-write the Band Aid record and make it about checking your boobs.

“It took me about 10 minutes and Michael and me were in stitches when we sang it for the first time.

“We got everyone over one night and filmed it. It’s been amazing since it went up on Facebook. We’ve had people viewing it all over the world.

Roisin with daughter Ivy

“While we are both going through this it’s great to be able to have a little bit of a laugh. This is sort of making cancer as fun as it can be.”

Roisin is currently attending the Christie Hospital on a weekly basis and is facing radiotherapy and further surgery.

Lindsey has just begun chemotherapy in Melbourne - her first session came last Monday on the same day her younger sister was having the treatment 11,000 miles away in Manchester.

Roisin said: “Someone said why didn’t I raise money for myself for a change, so I could go out and see Lindsey. So my sister set up the page in Australia for people to donate. Lindsey is really positive and, like me, just wants a clean bill of health. We want to hug each other and at the same time raise money to help the fight against this disease.”

Roisin Pelan (left) and sister Lindsey Kennedy undergoing treatment on the same day - 11,000 miles apart

The words...

SOME OF THE LYRICS (to the tune of Do They Know It’s Christmas):

At shower time, there’s no need to be afraid,

At shower time, have a feel, it’ll be okay,

Cos in this world of cancer, we can spread the word to all,

Check your bumps for lumps and bumps and cop a feel.

Roisin and Lindsey

Chorus: Feel the boooobs, do they know it’s booby time at all?


The men in Roisin and Lindsey’s family will slip into high heels for a fundraising walk around Preston’s Avenham Park next weekend.

One of them, cousin James Moss, is also having his beard shaved off and his legs waxed in front of 200 schoolchildren at Eldon Primary School in the city where he is deputy headteacher.

The idea is to walk a mile in the sisters’ shoes to draw attention to the fight against breast cancer.

“Roisin and Lindsey have both received a lot of support on social media and have been praised for their positive outlook and confidence in fighting cancer,” said James.

“As you can imagine the whole family has been devastated, but inspired by the determination Roisin and Lindsey have shown to beat this horrible illness.

“Both have set out to raise money for Cancer Research in order to support others suffering from cancer and, as such, they have mobilised an army of family and friends to undertake fundraising events.

“On Saturday April 28, the men in our family and lots of friends will be walking a mile around Avenham Park.” To donate, go to:

Roisin with daughter Ivy