Preston one of the worst cities for hearing problems, new research shows

The study shows areas in the UK that will struggle with hearing issues the most in the coming 12 months.

By Andy Moffatt
Thursday, 3rd March 2022, 3:45 pm

Based on the total number of hearing loss & Tinnitus-related search terms, compared to the area's population size, the study shows that Preston is forecasted to be one of the worst places in the UK for hearing problems in 2022 - with over 4.15% of its population expected to search for terms related to hearing loss.

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The study is inspired by research that states one in six of the UK adult population is affected by hearing loss, with more than 18% of the UK’s population estimated to be exposed to harmful noise levels.

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Preston had 5,947 internet searches in the UK, making it the fourth highest in the UK.

The study’s authors urged people to ensure they are not regularly exposed to high volumes of noise to protect their hearing.