Parents share reactions as 'fit and sporty' four-year-old branded overweight by NHS

One Lancashire mum was horrified to receive a letter telling her her 'fit and sporty' four-year-old son was overweight.

By The Newsroom
Tuesday, 11th December 2018, 11:25 am
Updated Tuesday, 11th December 2018, 11:30 am
Harley Pullen, 4, was branded overweight by the NHS
Harley Pullen, 4, was branded overweight by the NHS

Harley Pullen, four, from Broughton, had been weighed and measured at his school, but his mum Mica was appalled to be sent a letter saying that he needed to lose weight.

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Lancashire mum: How dare the NHS say my boy is overweight?

Lancashire Post readers shared their views on social media.

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Umm Arwa said: "Branding healthy kids obese or overweight is disgusting...... I don't see them giving advice on making "skinny" underweight kids a "healthy" weight."

Louise Armstrong: "We had the exact same problem! I was absolutely fuming! They didn’t use their eyes, they just put some numbers together and dared send me a letter telling me she was ‘very overweight’! No attempt at finding out what her lifestyle is like. She goes to ballet lessons and swimming twice a week. She is just short for her age. She is also on what will be life long medication for epilepsy that could be affecting her weight, but there was no questions or communication about potential factors that could affect her weight. To receive a letter telling you your 4 year old is ‘very overweight’ is horrendous, she’s 4 years old for gods sake, I’m not giving her a complex about her body and image at 4 years old! No wonder our country’s mental health is so poor and eating disorders are on the rise if we’re judging 4 year olds!"

Kelly Reeves: "Seen this happen too often. I just refuse and don’t sign giving them permission to do it. It’s only for government statistics anyway."

Nicolla Jackson: "Come on we are all aware of the silliness of BMI especially in kids, but then again maybe it will pick up some kids with problems eg under or actually very overweight. So if your kid is fine- you have no problems. Bin the letter and move on."

Michael James: "At least they are trying to tackle the massive obesity problem. There is that many children that they have to work on statistics. As a parent you know yourself if your kid is a podgy. You don't need the NHS to tell you whether they are right are wrong."

Pauline Tavaniello: "Ah bless him he looks so fit and healthy,who are these people?? No wonder children end up with eating disorders!"