Nurse '˜punched dementia sufferer in the head' hearing told

A NURSE punched a dementia sufferer in the head, then claimed he was simply intervening to stop residents hitting each other, a hearing was told.
The Lodge at Buckshaw Retirement VillageThe Lodge at Buckshaw Retirement Village
The Lodge at Buckshaw Retirement Village

Waqar Ahmed allegedly struck the vulnerable resident during a day shift at The Lodge, Buckshaw Retirement Village, Chorley.

Ahmed’s colleague Lizann Crompton checked the man was uninjured, then reported the alleged punch to another member of staff, a hearing at the Nursing and Midwifery Council heard.

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Kristina Reed, for the NMC, said: “On January 27, 2015, 
the registrant (Ahmed) was working on a day shift from 7:30am to 7:30pm, on which Lizann Crompton was also on duty.

“At approximately 3:15pm, Ms Crompton witnessed the registrant striking Resident A in the head with his right fist.

“She checked Resident A to ensure he hadn’t sustained any injury, then told Debbie McCabe, the registered manager at the home.

“Debbie McCabe took an account from Lizann Crompton and later asked the registrant about whether anything had happened that could be interpreted as him striking a resident.

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“The registrant told Ms McCabe that he had been required to intervene to prevent residents from hitting each other.

“The NMC’s case will rely on the evidence of Lizann Crompton and Debbie McCabe and their contemporaneous notes from the time.”

Ahmed, who is attending the hearing, denies striking a resident on the head with his fist.

The hearing continues.

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