Lancashire city named the country's best haven for cyclists in new survey

A Lancashire city has been named the most bike-friendly city in the country.

By Phil Cunnington
Thursday, 9th January 2020, 5:00 pm
Updated Friday, 10th January 2020, 11:03 am

According to a new survey, Lancaster – one of the six locations in England selected to promote cycling as a mode of transport back in 2005 – offers some of the best air quality and safest roads out of the 39 cities studied. In 2018/19, the city recorded just one accident per 729 people.

Exeter closely followed suit in second place. Like Lancaster, Exeter was also one of the original locations picked to promote cycling in 2005. According to the new data, the city scored points for good air quality and cycling and walking statistics. In 2018, 21 per cent of the city’s population regularly cycled more than once a week.

Legal firm True Solicitors compiled the data, analysing 39 cities in the UK, scoring them from 0-5 on: Bicycle theft reports; Cost of public transport;Air quality (AirVisual);Cycling statistics; and road traffic accidents.

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Lancaster has played host to many cycle races, and now it has been named the most bike-friendly city in England

True Solicitor’s data revealed that London is the UK’s worst city for cyclists. This is despite the Government spending £18 per head on cycling in the capital, compared to just £7 per individual in the rest of England.

London has recorded some of the highest road accidents in Britain in the previous year, with only Birmingham documenting more. There are estimated to be an accident for every 1 in 342 people. This is compared to the lowest rate in Cardiff, which has an incident reported for every 1 in 1,296.

Similarly, air pollution is high in the capital with an Air Quality score of 63 recorded. Bicycles are also more at risk in London, with a bike theft reported for 1 in every 411 people.

Manchester also came in second bottom of the leader board. Manchester, in particular, scored extremely low for air quality – with more pollution recorded in the northern city than anywhere else in the UK.

Meanwhile, Bradford is one of the safest cities for travellers leaving their bikes.

In the past year, there was only one bike theft for every 1,934 people reported in the city, which even played host to the Tour de France in 2014. This is compared to a theft for 1 in every 81 people in Oxford, the highest recorded rate in the country.

Paul Drabble, partner at True Solicitors, said: "Our analysis revealed that Lancaster ranks the best out of the 39 cities across the UK due to its low air pollution rates, small number of bicycle thefts and road accidents. Having been a city chosen to promote cycling back in 2005, it’s great to see residents of Lancaster and further afield taking this on board, and enjoying the benefits of cycling from both a safety and health perspective.”

You can see the whole table, and find out more, at the True Solicitors website