Is a Lancashire super hospital the right tonic?

VIEW: An aerial shot of Royal Preston HospitalVIEW: An aerial shot of Royal Preston Hospital
VIEW: An aerial shot of Royal Preston Hospital
Evening Post readers are split on the merits of creating a 'super-hospital' in Lancashire.

Health bosses are discussing the proposal to replace Royal Preston and Chorley and South Ribble hospitals with a new purpose-built centre among a range of healthcare options.

It is understood areas close to the motorway around Bamber Bridge/Clayton Brook/Lostock Hall have been identified as possible sites.

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Reader Davo said on our website: “I absolutely agree a super hospital is the right answer for Preston and Central Lancashire. RPH is a relic of a different age – it was always a poor design with its drafty long cold corridors across a pointlessly sprawling site.

“A new super hospital would provide a fantastic opportunity to develop new land and transport infrastructure.”

But D of Leyland said: “I am a pensioner who relies on buses from Leyland. Can someone please explain to me how I can get from Leyland to Clayton Brook without having to spend a large part of my pension on taxis?

“I thought the NHS was desperate for cash. They have spent enormous sums on both Preston and Chorley Hospitals. If they have the money, why not update the present hospitals?”

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Big H wrote: “So they close down Chorley A&E after spending how much renovating it? And they can’t afford to keep it running. But they’ve now got the money to build a brand new hospital ?”

“Tired All The Time” added: “It is not a super hospital that is needed but extra hospitals just to stand still.”

I Live In The Real World said: “Oh dear, another huge sum of taxpayers’ money being wasted, nothing wrong with PRI and Chorley apart from further investment and to reopen the A&E at Chorley.”

Reader Jess Shipman said: “That makes sense. Ruin the current hospitals many people rely on and make one big one to come out and eventually admit it was a mistake.”

A spokesman for the NHS Our Health, Our Care project previously said: “Over the next six months, our clinicians will develop a range of options and will ask the public to help design these.”