Demolition plan for former Preston hospital

Ribbleton Hospital is set to be demolishedRibbleton Hospital is set to be demolished
Ribbleton Hospital is set to be demolished
The demolition of a disused Preston hospital that has become a magnet for anti-social behaviour could start next month.

Ribbleton Hospital, a former mental health facility, closed in 2015 with patients moved to a new unit in Blackpool.

Lancashire Care NHS Trust has this month submitted an application to the city council for the site to be levelled.

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Planning documents reveal the building has attracted a “large amount” of vandalism while it has been vacant and NHS bosses “are concerned that intruders could now become injured whilst being on the site.”

The demolition works could start from July 17 and be complete by September, if council planners give the green light.

At the time of the closure NHS bosses said alternative uses for the building were being considered.

They have now confirmed the Miller Road location will be sold although it is too early to say what its future will be.

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A spokesman for Lancashire Care said: “It is not unusual for empty buildings to attract anti-social behaviour and there is a cost associated even when it is not in use, such as keeping it safe and secure.

“Up until recently, the security has been provided by the telecoms provider responsible for the mobile mast on the building roof prior to its removal.”

The contract for the demolition works and associated asbestos strip procedure is currently out to tender, the planning documents add.

The NHS spokesman added: “The future use of the site will be determined by a new owner, at this stage we are too early in the proceedings to know.”

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