Couple's 11 stone weight loss an inspiration for others

Sometimes two is better than one, which is certainly a belief that rings true for husband and wife Gavin and Caroline Preston.

Tuesday, 2nd January 2018, 2:37 pm
Updated Tuesday, 2nd January 2018, 3:50 pm
Husband and wife Gavin and Caroline Preston have lost 11 stone between them after joining Slimming World, they are now both class leaders and inspiration to other members.

The couple from Walton-le-Dale – who have been married for 23 years – have shed the pounds over the last few years, using each other as inspiration through their weight loss journey to losing a colossal 11 stone between them.

And the dedicated dieters are now both using their influential transformations to inspire others looking to emulate their success, with Caroline following in Gavin’s footsteps by launching a weight-loss group in Fulwood.

Caroline, 44, said: “I know how hard it is and I just wanted to help others who need the same help that I needed.”

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Caroline with photos of her before her lifestyle change.

Gavin, also 44, said: “Caroline has always lacked confidence; Slimming World has totally changed her life and now she is going to be helping others change theirs.”

Gavin, who already runs three weight loss groups, said: “We are having a huge impact on the community’s health in the area and I have now got lot of members getting to there target weight; some are losing over seven stone, coming off medication and becoming fit and active.”

Caroline’s Team Developer, Beverley Hibbert, said: “She’s done amazingly well. Her confidence has grown when at first she was struggling to get out of in the morning.

“This is a big step for Caroline but she is so determined to help others which is why she wanted to do this herself.”

Gavin runs three support groups and Caroline runs one.

Sky dive

In 2015, Gavin Preston was prevented from doing a charity sky-dive in memory of his mum, Irene, because he was too heavy.

The then-21-stone Gavin decided that enough was enough and embarked on a weight loss scheme.

In 10 months, he reached his target weight of just under 15 stones and took to the skies again, this time completing the sky dive and raising more than £700 for St Catherine’s Hospice.

Caroline with photos of her before her lifestyle change.

Speaking in 2016, Gavin said: “Before I lost the weight I needed loads of sleep, wasn’t healthy and even had high blood pressure. Now I’m running three times a week, have so much more energy and just feel better in myself.”

Gavin runs three support groups and Caroline runs one.