This is how coronavirus spread right across Lancashire - leaving no community untouched

There is not a single neighbourhood in Lancashire that has been unaffected by Covid-19.

Early in the pandemic, infections popped up in localised areas, while this time around the coronavirus is much more widespread.

There are signs the virus is once more in retreat, with infection rates reducing in recent weeks, but the number of new cases remains well above the peak from the first wave.

As the map below shows, the pattern of new cases looks very different now compared to back in April.

New cases of coronavirus have spread right across Lancashire during the second wave

During the first wave, pockets of new cases would appear each week. While increased testing means more cases are being recorded, the data shows every single neighbourhood in Lancashire had at least three new cases confirmed in the first half of November.

Click the play button on the map to see how the virus spread through Lancashire since March, or use the slider to choose a specific week to look at.

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