This is where Covid cases are currently highest and still rising in Preston as Plan B restrictions are lifted

Covid near me: Preston areas with the highest Covid infections and where cases are still rising in the past week as Plan B restrictions are lifted

The latest Covid rates for Preston have been revealed.

Coronavirus cases have stopped falling across the UK and have levelled off at a high rate, official figures show.

There were 634,026 cases in the week ending January 21, a 0.2% rise on the number seen the week before.

It is double the number of cases the UK saw in the last week of November, before the Omicron wave.

However, in Preston the case rate has continued to fall in the last week by an average of 14.6% on the previous seven days, with only three areas recording an increase.

Case numbers include positive lateral flow tests in England and Northern Ireland but exclude them in Scotland and Wales, making comparisons across the UK nations difficult.

At neighbourhood level, Covid-19 case rates have been published for the week to January 20.

Here are the neighbourhoods in Preston with the highest case rates in the past week.

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